Sunday, 8 October 2017

WW2 Russian Infantry - Buildings and another Orchard.

It has been a while since my last post but I have been busy as you will see.

First up is some Charlie Foxtrot laser cut MDF buildings. Four of these are for the Eastern Front and a Workshop/Store (at back of picture) which I have included in the pictures, although it probably doesn't belong in this setting as the other buildings are all wood whereas this one is supposed to be brick.
The small building on the left I have copied off of Richard Clarke of Too Fat Lardie fame. The building originally comes with a tiled roof but I copied Richard's method of simply covering with cut pieces of cardboard from a cereal packet and glued on to represent wooden planking.  
I have then made another orchard for a friend as he liked the one I had but I didn't want to sell mine as it gets used on the table a fair bit of the time.

Then there is over 90 x figures which are Warlord plastic which I have recently painted to go with the Soviet armour I had painted a while ago. They include an infantry platoon, a tank riding platoon, a couple of squads of scouts plus additional supports.
I have then put them all together and taken lots of pictures for your viewing pleasure.