Wednesday, 10 October 2018


I haven't made this post a Mediterranean update for my blog even though the Napoleonic French will be making an appearance in the new book, as on this occasion I have only painted a handful of figures and I plan on doing a bigger post for the French when I have more units painted. 

A friend of mine, Lofty Warren came around to my place a couple of days ago for a game using the Too Fat Lardies skirmish rule set - Sharp Practice. As you know from previous posts that I have been painting Napoleonic British but up until now, I didn't have any French but Lofty does and he brought them along so that we could have a game.

The only thing we were lacking was a handful of leaders and a couple of units of skirmishers for the French so I had a rushed couple of days trying to get the figures painted up ready for the game.

The figures are from Alban Miniatures, more slender than Perry Miniatures but they are lovely sculpts and they will be fine alongside Perry as separate skirmish units. If you go back a few posts in this blog you will also see some 95th Rifle figures from Alban Miniatures that I painted.

I have not taken any pictures of the Sharp Practice game on this occasion as we were getting to grips with the rules which I have to say are fantastic. I did take a couple of pictures of the table prior to Lofty arriving but you will have to excuse the lack of olive groves, vineyards and all the other bits of table dressing that help set the scene.

In the picture below you can see the comparison with the two Perry figures on the left and the Alban figures on the right.

View from both ends of the table.

If you are new to this blog and you are interested in the first book, Setting The Scene - Winter Wargaming, then we now have extra copies in stock so just go to the top right side of this page (second box down) and click on 'Setting The Scene' if you want to buy a copy.   

Saturday, 29 September 2018

The Mediterranean - Update 5 - British Napoleonic Infantry.

Most of the updates on the blog so far has been on terrain or WW2 Sicily/Italy but the Mediterranean book will also be covering the Napoleonic Peninsular in Spain and Portugal.

To date, I had only painted a few 95th Rifles so in this post I will be showing you the British Infantry that I have been working on. Two boxes of plastic Perry Miniatures with a couple of packs of their metal flank companies.

I have organized and based them ready for playing the excellent Sharp Practice v2 and have had to do some conversion work with the command figures and flank companies to give me enough of the right figures for the rule set. There may seem a lot of figures but I am collecting enough of each so that I will have the appropriate numbers to game with four players so there will be plenty more to come.

I have tried to give these figures that worn campaign look and I will be covering this along with how to paint the French Napoleonic and WW2 German and British in the new Mediterranean book and there will also be a masterclass painting guide by Nick from moitereisbuntewelt who will have his own guest page on how he painted the Italian infantry and vehicles. (See the previous update)

   I converted the ensigns from the plastic command sets to give me enough officers (Big Men) for Sharp Practice and with the rank and file I have added shoulder wings where necessary and patches and rips on/in their clothing.

Talking of Sharp Practice, I will be off to the village of Writtle near Chelmsford tomorrow for a full days gaming of everything Lard.

 Essex Warriors will be holding their first 'Too Fat Lardies' games day, 'A Writtle Bit Of Lard' and the big man himself Richard Clark will be attending and bringing along his new Blitzkrieg 1940 Handbook for the Chain of Command rule set.

As we stocked up with extra copies on the 3rd print run, I will also be bringing along some copies of Setting The Scene Winter Wargaming for anyone who is attending and may be interested in buying a copy. You can also order the book by scrolling up to the top right side of this page and clicking on Setting The Scene in the second box down.



Tuesday, 18 September 2018

The Mediterranean - Update 4 - Terrain Mat, Italians, 3rd Print Run.

Update number 4 for Setting The Scene volume 2, The Mediterranean, we have a new terrain mat, WW2 Italian Infantry, a couple of vehicles, a new camera, plus news on Setting The Scene volume 1.

I recently finished a 5ft x 10ft terrain mat which I hope looks suitably Mediterranean and it is graced with some wonderfully painted figures and vehicles by the very talented Nick from (scroll down for more pictures).

I will have a 'Guest Painter's Section' in the new book and Nick will be doing a tutorial on how he painted the Italian Infantry and hopefully the vehicles as well.

I have finally upgraded my old camera, so hopefully, you will see an improvement in the quality and depth of the pictures. I am no expert on photography but there will be a short piece in volume 2 on the new camera I have chosen and why.

The books for the 3rd print run Setting The Scene, Winter Wargaming arrived today and Steve has been beavering away and will be posting these out tomorrow and Thursday to all those who have ordered a copy. We have also ordered a fair few extra copies, so if you haven't ordered and you want a copy then you can either contact me by clicking on Setting The Scene in the second box down from the top right column of this page or through Steve at  

Karwansaray Publishers at Wargames Soldier and Strategy are also stocking the book and have done a review in this months magazine. (see below)

The vehicles are an Italian M13/40 and a German Marder II both from Perry Miniatures along with the infantry. The table looks a bit sparse but this is intentional as I want you to focus on the mat, that is if you can draw your eyes away from Nick's Italians. 


   Napoleonics for the Peninsula coming up next.



Tuesday, 17 July 2018

SETTING THE SCENE 2, The Mediterranean - Update No 3.

I have now finished the Infantry supports and two full platoons for both British and German. This does not include vehicle/armoured support which will be in a later post.

As well as vehicles, I also need to paint the Fallschrimjager platoon whilst the Italians are being painted for me by a friend who paints figures much better than I do. He will have a guest slot in the book with a step by step guide on how he paints Italians to coincide with my painting guides for the British and German.

First up British group shot.
German group shot.














I plan on starting work on the terrain mat next, along with some Napoleonic infantry as they are also part of this Mediterranean project and up until now it has been all WW2 apart from some 95th Rifles.