Thursday, 17 May 2012

Zulu War British 7pdr's and Hales Rocket.

Give them one more round then Limber up.

British 7pdr guns and crew along with a Hales rocket by Empress Miniatures. 

 Last week Dave D did a fantastic job on a 9pdr version of this gun along with a wonderful backdrop. Check out

Also if you go to the excellent  you will to see a superb example of a 7pdr gun and crew painted by the talented Michael Awdry.

There is plenty more posts on the Zulu front to come as I have now finished mounted and dismounted Buffalo Border Guard, Newcastle Mounted Rifles, Imperial Mounted Infantry and various mounted officers. These posts will be joining the blog queue along with French Napoleonics, more terrain and some medieval buildings that have all been completed. So hopefully there should be enough to keep you coming back for a little while.


  1. Great stuff, love the paintwork on these.

  2. Looking forward to seeing all those pics Pat!

  3. Yet more wonderful painting! Bravo!


  4. Pat, excellent painting on the gunners! The shading and highlighting on the uniforms is superb!

  5. Some excellent photos and great looking figures.

  6. Superb Pat! Great work and really impressive photography that really brings the enormity of the scenario to life. I'm sure I've got the rocket team somewhere, really must dig it out and I notice that you've got all the elements based as individual items, are you planning to convert a few limbers for the guns?

    Many thanks also for the link, although it doesn't seem to be working at the moment. :(

    1. Thanks very much everyone.
      Michael, I have re done your link, so should be okay now.
      The limbers did cross my mind. I have a set of British Napoleonic unmade, I don't know if these would work. Anyone have any suggestions?

  7. Great painting and great photos. I especially like the photos with approaching Zulu hordes in the background!

  8. Very nice- I do like the look of those guns!

  9. Really splendid, Pat. I can almost hear the crump of the guns and sizzle of the rockets! Fantastic stuff

  10. Fantastic photos. Beautiful looking figures, really like the paintjob on these guys. Like the sound of what is to come in the blog queue too.

  11. Oer Nurse...!
    Fine looking work yet again Pat and also excited to hear what's coming down the tube in manner of speaking

  12. I think these lad will have to reload in a hurry. lovely pieces well done

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