Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Buffalo Border Guard & Newcastle Mounted Rifles

The following pictures show 'Empress Miniatures' mounted and dismounted Buffalo Border Guard and Newcastle Mounted Rifles that were used by the British during the Zulu War.
Apart from the British Lancers this is the last of the horse that I need for my Zulu War collection, so my next post I will show the cavalry arm in all its glory.

I recently sold some figures on ebay (see last post) and to my pleasant surprise the name and address of the buyer for the Earl of Moray figure was non other than the family of this famous Earl and the address 'Darnaway Castle'. Do a search on the web for this castle and it gives you the history of the Earl of Moray. So I guess you could say that this little figure is going home.


  1. Lovely painting as usual and remarkable story on the Earl of Moray figure!
    Always a pleasure to view your blog.


  2. Looking great Pat! You will have to do done pics of your whole collection when you havd finished :)

    Great little story about the Earl. I may paint a model of Monica bulicci hoping she will buy it so I can find out where she lives!

  3. Great painting and photos, as usual. That is amazing about the Earl of Moray figure.

  4. Great looking minis and nice story!


  5. Another outstanding group of miniatures some of which I have languishing at the bottom of my lead pile; these are certainly helping to move them closer to the top! Can’t wait to see what you do with the Lancers which just look brilliant to me. Great story about the Earl too!

  6. Stunning painting Sir!! The story about the Earl of Moray is just fantastic. Where better could it possibly go?

  7. very nice figs and great story!

  8. Bloody lovely!!!! I look forward to the all the cavalry together post

  9. As th others have said - i think "stunning" is the word. one day would love ot see this lot in the flesh as they say