Sunday, 29 July 2012

Warlord Plastic NNC.

The first batch of pictures are figures from Warlord/Empress Miniatures plastic NNC box set. You get 32 x plastic and 2 x metal figures in the set and I must say I am tempted to purchase their other plastic Zulu box sets after seeing and painting these.

The following pictures show a mixture of Warlord, Empress and Wargames Foundry figures to complete my NNC and NNH collection.

This will be my last post for a couple of weeks as I have managed to get time off work during the Olympics and will be going on our family holiday to Austria. If I manage to visit the Eagle's Nest whilst out there I will post a couple of pictures on my return.  


  1. What a spectacular force; they look superb. I recognise a few of those poses at the front. ;)

    Have a great holiday.

  2. Fantastic looking minis! and a horde of them too!

  3. Very impressive , great work as usual Pat. Enjoy the break

  4. Fantastic NNC and great photos. Enjoy your holiday!

  5. Pat, great looking figs. I like the plastic figs too, but their weight always throws me off...I'm used to that hunk of lead! Have a great time in Austria and post some pics!

  6. Super looking units as always from you!!


  7. Great looking troops! You just can't go wrong with the plastic Zulu's, have a great holiday!!!

  8. Thanks very much chaps.

    I forgot to mention, some of the European NCO's in amongst the above pictures are from Perry Miniatures 'Mafeking Range'.

    Cory, I use metal coins plus filler on my bases which help to give those plastic figures a little bit more weight.



  9. !! That´s one fine looking horde!
    I know what Cory means about the weight..the 28mm plastics do seem very light for thier size, it has actually put me off the Perry WotR´s figs but your idea with the coins and filler in the bases is a good solution..I´ll give it a go.
    PS..have a good holiday..Austria is a lovely country.

  10. Beautiful work Pat. I really need to get some NNH and NNC. Have a fantastic break.

  11. looking great! your gonna have to build a bigger table soon

  12. Pat outstanding stuff yet again. I have had to ask the Nurse to fetch me a bib to help with my drooling :)
    Your Zulu Wars collection is of first class standard and an absolute inspiration - Usuthu !!!!
    Enjoy Austria - a country that has great cuisine and mighty fine red wines if you know where to look ;)