Friday, 7 September 2012

Supply Dump

I needed some ammunition dumps for my Isandlwana camp to help fill out the area and also somewhere for my ammo runners to head for from their parent units.  There will be five individual camps within the main camp and each of these will have an ammunition dump and wagon. They will be NNC, 2/24TH, RA, Mounted, 1/24th, plus HQ. 
The materials I used - balsa wood, green stuff, kitchen roll (paper towel), PVA glue, tile grout (which I find better than filler as it dries really hard and doesn't flake off or crumble) and sand.

   The red flags indicated it was ammunition and I believe the flag for artillery ammunition supply was blue and red, so I may have to re-paint one of these.


  1. Those really look just great and very creative as well!

    I really admire your ability to keep focused on a project until you have reached your set goals.


  2. Well executed!! Very effective looking camp - brilliant!!


  3. That, Sir is nothing short of genius!

  4. Thanks very much Chaps.
    Christopher, the project is finished (unless I paint more Zulu's or Empress bring out something else for this range). I have a couple more posts of showing various things and then I will be doing a very large photo shoot telling the story of the battle of Isandlwana and Rorkes Drift through the lens of my camera.

  5. They are fantastic! Great idea and really well done.

  6. Simple but highly effective! I´ll have to have a bash at that.

  7. Very nice looking pieces Pat good shout with the grout also.
    Looking forward to the action shots!

  8. A great idea , wonderfully executed once more Pat... gonna be nicking that for Sudan...

  9. wonderful very inspiring...