Thursday, 21 February 2013

Middle Eastern Building and Irrigation Ditch.

My first attempt at making a basic Middle Eastern building. I wanted to see how it turned out before making more complex buildings.  I plan to use these for my North West Frontier, Modern Afghanistan and Sudan collections, they should also see action when Perry Miniatures bring out their 8th Army and Afrika Corps range of figures.
I have also made some irrigation ditches which I copied from 'Dougie's wargaming blog'. Dougie has made a much better job at making ditches and I recommend visiting his blog.

The building was made with foamboard, glued together with PVA, balsa wood and pieces of card for door frames and brickwork. Once assembled, I smeared tile grout over the walls to give it some texture.
The building was glued to a hardboard base, which was then covered in glue and sand. Cardboard hinges glued to the back of the door so it could be opened and closed for skirmish games.

The building was then painted in dark brown household paint and when dry, lighter shades were drybrushed on until I got the look I wanted.



  1. Great looking terrain as always. That ditch does give a nice 3D effect even on the flat table.

  2. Great work mate, simple yet effective. What did you use for the flooring inside the building?

    1. Thanks Jason and Scott.
      The flooring on the inside was just the hardboard with rough side face up, drybrushed and then a little PVA glue painted in patches on the floor and some off cuts from a door mat sprinkled on the glue.

  3. Love it! I built a load of similar buildings but neglected to include removable rooves - how short-sighted :-(
    Great work BTW...

  4. Great looking building and looking forward to more! I'm also excited to see the Perry's doing plastic Afrika Korps and 8th army...and AWI....this is a great time to be a wargamer!

  5. Really nicely done - this is basically how I make my buildings.

    The irrigation ditches are very effective.


  6. The ditch and building look excellent, great work Pat!

  7. Greate work Pat !!!

    Your terrain projects are always a greate inspiration !

    Best regards Michael

  8. Excellent Middle Eastern building and irrigation ditch Pat. You're certainly a wiz with the terrain.

  9. What a great ditch! Terrain looks very effective.

  10. Great looking terrain and buildings, a very nice work!

  11. You got a talent there Pat they look great!

  12. Looks great Pat as I've come to expect!


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