Sunday, 8 December 2013


Here we have a Perry Miniatures Universal Carrier and a diecast Lledo truck. 
The truck I purchased off ebay for the bargain price of £1.25 plus £3 postage.

I have put the vehicle next to a Perry Miniatures 28mm figure to give you an idea of scale, it would be probably be a little small if using with the larger 28 - 30mm figures. 

I wanted to keep the transfers that were already on the truck, so I was unable to prime and repaint the vehicle. Instead I just repainted the canopy, tyres and lights, then gave it some washes and weathering.

Painting vehicles is new to me so I have been experimenting on some of my son's old diecast toys and buying a few bits on ebay, as spending £20 on a new tank and then ruining it with the paint job is not good. 

I also don't have the luxury of owning a spray gun for painting so I am limited to using spray cans and brushing. I did these with a black primer, then used the spray and a brush. I am not sure about the brushing, so my next attempt I will use a white primer, then the spray colour, followed by washes and weathering to hopefully give it depth.

I will have to do a little research on markings for WW2 vehicles so that I can finish the Perry Miniatures universal carrier off.


  1. Very nice - I didnt realise the Perry did vehicles, as first glance I assumed it was a Bolt Action Warlord one...

  2. Stunning work pat !

    Conratulation to the fins of the truck.

    best regards Michael

  3. Very nice Pat. I do like the weathering on these vehicles!

  4. Excellent!Nicely done,great weathering effects on the vehicles indeed.
    Grtz Kukke

  5. Well done! Wouldn't have believed the truck is 'only' weathered...I have the Perry 8th Army myself but find 'em a pain in the ass to paint despite (or because?) them being great models.

  6. Those look great to me Pat and super weathering! As to MIG pigments I'm huge fan of these and use them regularly.


  7. Excellent work all over. Beatiful Bren carrier indeed

  8. Great job weathering that truck Pat. I do like that UC as well.
    They look great together!
    Huzzah mate!

  9. Very nice paintjob, Pat.
    The lorry looks a little small with the miniature beside but I think for gaming purposes it works rather well.


  10. Lovely work, Pat. Weathering is a technique that I'm eager to try, but which intimidates the hell out of me.