Friday, 7 February 2014

A Barrage Marker for Chain of Command.

A very quick (half an hour) and easy way to make a Barrage Marker.

Cut four thin strips of balsa wood 18 inches long and hot glue these together to form a square. I do this by placing a one inch square of card in each corner and then gluing the join onto this which will help to make it stronger.

Run the hot glue gun along the top edge of the balsa wood (do this in 6 inch sections or the glue will set before you get chance to fix) and then place the smoke in a long strip onto the glue. The smoke is that white fibrous stuff that you get in packing. Tease the fibre apart and shape it into long lengths ready for gluing.

Give the whole thing a very light spray with black paint and the job is done, simples. 

In Chain of Command if a barrage is on-target, the resulting fire will cover an 18" square area of the table with the aiming point at its centre. The smoke will break the line of sight into and out of the area until the barrage ends.


Dave G is bringing his Russians around for a game of Chain of Command tonight, as mentioned before we are playing scenario six 'Attack on an Objective' and Dave's Russians will be defending against my Panzer Grenadier's, so it will be interesting to see what he chooses from the support list

We will either get another practice game in after this or we may kick off with the excellent new campaign supplement for Chain of Command from The Too Fat Lardies, 'AT THE SHARP END'.  

   Working on lots of vehicles for WW2 at the moment, Early and Late War German and British. The ones in the pictures below have been primed, then undercoated with appropriate colour. Since taking this picture, the Tiger1, Puma, SD.KFZ 251/10 and the Kubelwagon are just about finished, so they will be coming up in a future post. I also need to have lots of choice from the support lists if I am going to do a campaign. It is almost starting to become a bit of an arms race with Dave's Russians as he is constantly producing more and more stuff from his lists.