Sunday, 9 March 2014


I am thinking of selling my WW2 War in the Pacific project as I cant see myself ever completing it.

The huts are old Airfix kits from the 1970's and are now out of production and quite rare. I have built and painted one of the huts (see the post on this blog on 1/32 scale WW2) but the other hut is still unmade. There is slight damage to the kit but anyone with a little modelling skill will be able to sort it out.  The huts would also be suitable for Vietnam and there are some great figures in 1/32 scale for this period.

There are a 20 x Americans and 26 x Japanese. 4 x of the Japanese have been painted, based and varnished.

I am asking £190 for the collection, postage will be at cost but the whole thing is quite light so hopefully not to expensive. Alternatively I am willing to meet up half way if the travelling is not too far.

I will be going to Salute this year so the ideal thing would be to meet up and hand the package over to the buyer at Salute.

If interested then contact me at


To give you an idea of size I have put a 1/35 scale figure next to a 28mm Warlord figure.


  1. Wow - to tell you the truth, I don't see why you'd say you'll ever complete this project. You already have more figures and terrain, all wonderfully painted, than most could hope for. Best, Dean

  2. What you have completed so far looks great Pat! I think you shouldn't have too much difficulty selling the collection.


  3. Odd coincidence. Your blog has inspired me to get into skirmish WW2 gaming in 54mm just as you're deciding to ditch it. I've been buying up Airfix and Tamiya kits. Pity Im at the other end of the world in NZ as cost of shipping etc would be prohibitive.

  4. Thanks chaps.
    Ogilvie VC, look forward to seeing your 54mm collection, there is a great range of kits out there for WW2. If my lot doesn't sell, then I am sure I will carry on with it at some point in the future and maybe it will be your collection that inspires me this time.