Tuesday, 10 March 2015

USMC - Empress Miniatures - FOR SALE ( NOW SOLD)

It has been over a month since my last post but I have been busy on the painting front, as you are about to see. In this post I have a full platoon of Empress Miniatures Modern USMC, plus Special Forces, Civilians and some chickens.

First up are some civilians from Perry Miniatures Crusader Range. They are not perfect for Afghanistan but they will do at a push. I will be ordering some Civilians from Eureka Miniatures at Salute next month which will fit the bill better. The chickens are from Warbases.

Next up, some Special Forces from Empress Miniatures.

USMC Platoon, Special Forces and Helicopter Transport/Support.

A comparison of the camouflage of the USMC and British Infantry. All figures are Empress Miniatures, British on the right.

The usual staged photo's. Civilians first.

An early morning raid. Special Forces escort their target out ready for collection. It looks like the prisoner is still in his night clothes.

Here come the cavalry.


I am considering selling these as I don't think I really need a British and American platoon but I will keep the special forces figures for combined operations with my Brits.

The figures have just recently been painted and never gamed with and they are all from Empress Miniatures. The platoon has 40 x figures, that have all been painted in their desert camo 'MARPAT' which was time consuming to do. They are also individually based and given one gloss and two matt coats of varnish. ( hand brushed on not sprayed ).

Included with the platoon is the USMC Chinook and dust cloud flight stand. Also two brand new unassembled and unpainted vehicles for this platoon. They are imprint vehicles from Empress Miniatures, a LAV-25 and a HUMVEE 50.cal.

The Helicopter and vehicles retail at £65 and the 40 x unpainted metal figures £75. = £140.
I am asking £400 in total, which is £260 for the actual painting, basing and varnishing of 40 x figures.(£6.50 a figure)

If you are thinking of getting into this period then you will probably know that the Too Fat Lardies excellent Chain of Command WW2 rules are soon to release 'Fighting Season' their adaption of these rules for modern Afghanistan.

The buyer would have to pay the postage but as an alternative I would be willing to drive and meet up halfway if in the UK  and not to far from Essex or if you are going to Salute then I could bring it along for collection.

If interested, then contact me at www.kerstinsmith@



  1. Lovely stuff Pat. I for one am well aware that painting the MARPAT would have been time consuming. Hope you find a good home for them and someone who will appreciate the time and effort you have put into painting the camo.

  2. Amazing effort Pat - this is a great collection! Love those chopper action shots.


  3. Beautiful Pat as always. I would imagine those lads would be gone very, very shortly mate so good luck. Really looking forward to the CoC version for this period.



  4. Excellent stuff and once again awesome photos. Good luck with selling the USMC. They really alure me but actually I'm going for Brits as well...

    May I drop you an email asking for some hints for the camouflage pattern?


    1. Hi Stefan, not sure if you want the British or American camo, so here is both. Just ask if there is anything you need me to clarify.
      Foundry RAW HIDE 11C - basecoat
      Games Workshop Agrax Earthshade
      Foundry Raw Hide 11C leaving dark recesses showing through.
      Horizontal splodges in the following order and getting less each time, using Vallejo paints.
      Russian Uniform 924
      Phlemg green 28C (wargames foundry)
      English Uniform 921
      Iraqui Sand 819 ( little dash )
      Choc Brown 872 (little dash )
      Iraqui Sand 819 Glaze

      English Uniform 921 basecoat uniform and body armour
      Iraqui Sand 819 heavy coverage on uniform
      Deck Tan 986 large splodges
      English Uniform 921 very small and spaced out dashes
      Games Workshop Agrax Earthshade wash over uniform and armour.
      Iraqui Sand 819 Glaze
      Highlight body armour with English Uniform.

      Hope this helps.

  5. Wonderful stuff Pat! Lovely photos as always. Good luck with the sale!

  6. Amazing collection and terrain - should be an easy sale!

  7. Gorgeous as always...good luck for the sale!

  8. Lovely stuff... shame you are selling these!

  9. That's some top notch work as always! Your staged photos always make me green with envy. A shame I just bought into 20mm moderns otherwise I'd have been very tempted by your marines. Good luck for the sale.

  10. Replies
    1. The blog is playing up at the moment and wont let me add the full email address on the main page, so here it is.

  11. Exellent looking minis !!!

    Good luck with the sale and I also hope we meet at salute:)

    Best regards Michael

  12. Thanks Michael, looking forward to seeing your game and meeting you at Salute.

  13. Excellent and surprised your letting them go, but then again I was surprised you let your Zulu collection go! Great painting combined with super money shots should see these snapped up in a jiffy!


  14. Thanks Christopher.
    Collection now sold.
    The money helps with new projects and if I don't sell the occasional collection I will eventually run out of storage space.

    1. Not surprised it sold. Congrats! Storage space has not been a problem for me.....yet!


  15. Absolutely beautiful collections. Looking forward to see your british in some Lard gaming eventually. /Mattias

  16. fantastic photos as always mate!!

  17. Lovely work. Which manufacturer are the helicopters?

  18. Thanks chaps.
    Frazer, the helicopters are die-cast from New-Ray.