Friday, 20 November 2015

Napoleonic figures 'FOR SALE'

French Light Infantry Battalion.

Heavy and Light Cavalry plus Mounted General.

British Infantry

These figures are individually based for the 'TOO FAT LARDIES' rule set 'SHARP PRACTICE' and with the amended version 'SHARP PRACTICE 2' on the horizon, you have the opportunity to purchase some figures for a great set of large skirmish rules.

The figures are a mix of Perry Miniatures and Wargames Foundry (which were also sculpted by the Perry Bro's).

I have converted a large number of the metal Foundry figures with Perry heads to give added variety. In the picture below, the figure on the far left and far right is an original Foundry sculpt and the figures in between have had head swaps.  

The movement trays are laser cut from and I have textured, painted and flocked these to match the figure bases.

There is a total of 124 x foot figures, 21 x mounted figures and 16 x movement trays.

I am asking for £3.50 for a foot figure, £7 for a mounted and £1 for a movement tray.

I am also including for FREE, a plastic box set of Perry French Hussars and a couple of extra figures. 

This comes to £597 plus £12 postage to the UK.  (Also happy to meet up half way to avoid postage, I live in Essex and work in Central London.)

If interested, then contact me at

Parcel ready to go.



  1. Fabulous collection good luck with the sale!

  2. Stunning paintwork Pat !

    Good luck with tha sale.

    best regards Michael

  3. A very fine looking collection Pat which should sell very easily!


  4. If only I had the dosh, I'd rip your hands off!!!

  5. Good luck with the sale Pat!

  6. Stunning work Pat! and good luck with the sale!

  7. That quality of product will undoubtedly attract a fair it of attention. Best of luck Pat.

  8. I must say that these are beautifully painted figures. Good luck with the sale.


  9. Really nice colection of figures and units! Good luck!

  10. Beautiful collection, Pat. If I were in the UK I'd happily take these off your hands.

  11. Hi Pat,Splendid figures. Cool Clear Painting Too. Beano Boy