Thursday, 21 January 2016

FOR SALE - Church Ruins for Historical or Fictional/Frostgrave

These 28mm church/cathedral ruins from Monolith Designs I think are now out of production, as I don't believe the company is still running.

 There are 13 x sections of church that I have given a ruined/rubble base to and then painted and also 3 x fallen statues from Lord of the Rings plus a scratch built altar.

The church ruins cost me around £80 unpainted, ten years ago, so I think a fair price for these now that they have been based and painted plus the statues, of £120 plus postage. If interested, contact me at


The 28mm figures are obviously not included but just to give you an idea of scale.

Ideal from the Medieval period up to present day or even Frostgrave I would imagine as that seems to be very popular at the moment.

I live in Essex and work in central London so willing to travel meet up with the buyer to save on postage or if a deposit is put down, I can bring with me to Salute in April for collection.



  1. Love these beautiful ruins!

  2. Thanks Phil, It's a shame that the company doesn't seem to be running anymore, they had some nice terrain on their site.

  3. Very nice! I am sure they well sell quickly!

    1. Thanks Simon, if not I will stick them on ebay.