Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Second Print Run now SOLD OUT.

Just to let you know that yesterday I sold the last copy of the book from the second print run of SETTING THE SCENE.

I already have a couple of new customers wanting the book, so I have started a new list. If you are interested in buying the book, then send me your details to kerstinsmith1234@gmail.com and if I get enough people interested, then I will eventually do a third print run.

If I do a second book at some point in the future, of which I have a few ideas, then I would also do a reprint of the first book at the same time, so who knows.

Thanks to all of you who have bought the book and for your wonderful comments and feedback which has all made it worthwhile. I even had a couple of reviews of the book on youtube which I will put below for anyone wanting to get a better idea of the content inside.



Thanks also to Steve Lampon for all his help and work with the graphic design.

Normal blogging will now resume.





  1. Well done Pat and heartiest congratulations.

  2. Well done Pat it is very popular and from what I have seen on YouTube and blogs an excellent product. Still not for me in South Africa as postage is a killer still hoping for a PDF version someday!

  3. Congrats Pat, well desserved!

  4. Great effort Pat. Look forward to your new ideas .

  5. Congrats Pat. As I've said before, a smashing book that has helped no end with my Winter table build.

    Looking forward to new blog posts, but also, to see what your 2nd book will be about. :)

  6. Congrats on selling out your fantastic book as it's worth every penny and I'm looking forward to you hopefully doing another!


  7. Well done. What's next I wonder? Desert? Jungle?

  8. Thanks Chaps.
    Jim, I will be working on WW2 Sicily and Italy and Napoleonic Spanish Peninsular with terrain that will cover both. Whether I go ahead and put it into another book or not will depend on if I am happy with how it turns out.

  9. Oh that sounds good, I'm just about to start on terrain for my Italian wars, so that's right up my street, after the first one I'd happily buy your next!
    Best Iain