Saturday, 24 December 2011


Here are a few pictures from my Napoleonic collection. I am unable to find the majority of my photo's so I will take some more in the New Year which will include French Infantry, Heavy and Light Cavalry and some Artillery.

These are all from Perry, the British Line are from the plastic box set including the flags. The 95th Riflemen are also plastic apart from the command which are metal and come from the Perry Dutch/Belgium Naps. At the time of painting these, the Perry's hadn't brought out command figures for the 95th but now they have and they are on my lead pile waiting to be painted.

There are also a couple of conversions amongst the 95th, I have used plastic arms and a bare head from the French plastic box set.     

I have a lot more Napoleonics primed and waiting to be painted but it all depends on what grabs my attention at the time, at the moment I am heavily into painting Empress Miniatures British for the Zulu wars.

Next up will be Perry plastic Mercenaries from their War of the Roses range.

Merry Christmas to you all and thanks for visiting this blog.


  1. Really splendid stuff.....looks like a fantastic little action. The Command Group looks wonderful. Happy Christmas to you also!

  2. Great looking miniatures and a Merry Christmas and Happy New year to you too!


  3. Ooh missed these! Very nice Pat I am looking forward to seeing your fresh pics especially the cavalry!

  4. Excellent painting, love the detail on the map!

  5. Thanks chaps, There is plenty of figures I need to take pictures of, just need to get myself organised so that I can set the table/scene for the photo shoots.
    I copied the map from Giles Alisons excellent blog.