Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Well here goes..........My first entry in my first blog.

A little about me and my hobby.

My name is Pat Smith and I live in Essex, work in central London and have been painting and occasionally gaming with little lead (and plastic) soldiers for longer than I care to remember.

My intention with this blog is to initially show you some old pictures of figures that I have painted over the years (sadly a lot of these figures have now been sold on to friends) and then gradually bring in my more recent work.

Some of my painting you can find on the web by checking out:

Gripping Beast gallery - Romano British Welsh.

Perry Miniatures- Ferguson Rifles conversions. (Sadly they no longer have a gallery so just google the title.)
Just managed to cut and paste this off the tmp site.

Quite a few entries on the Steve Dean Forum and British Grenadier Forum.

Some of the many periods that I follow and plan to show over the coming weeks/months/years are....

War of the Roses

As you can see, I have to flit from one period to another to keep my painting enthusiasm up, but hopefully there will be enough variety to keep most of you happy.

At present I have just finished painting over 400 Zulu's and am now working on the Empress Miniatures British. I will post pictures of these once I have finished showing my older photo's.

I will finish off this entry with a picture of some Perry Normans that I painted a few years ago and are now in the collection of a friend of mine. I still have about 50 foot figures that I have kept back for small skirmish games against my Vikings.

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