Saturday, 7 January 2012

Natal Native Contingent.

First of all, thanks for all the interest in my last post and this blog in general. You have made me a happy blogger.

Today we have a couple of pictures of NNC. These are again mainly old style Foundry figures with European NCO's from the Perry Mafeking range and the Mounted and dismounted officer figures are Boers from the excellent Empress Miniatures.

Here are some more Perry figures from there Mafeking range and the mounted figure is Nogs the reporter from Chelmsford's command pack, Empress Miniatures. These will be used as European Officers and NCO's for future NNC units.


  1. Looking great mate, you are in a painting frenzy right now!!

  2. Great stuff...keep it coming!

  3. Fantastic stuff! I've got my eye on those Empress Boers myself; you've proved how versatile they can be.

  4. Nice minis, nicely painted, I've not seen those before.

  5. Thanks chaps.

    I don't know about a painting frenzy Steve, I just have a few bits waiting in the wings ready to go on the blog and I will feed them in a little each week, so that I can hopefully keep things flowing.
    Some British Infantry next.