Sunday, 1 January 2012


Happy New Year to you all.

Here as promised are some new pictures for the start of the New Year.

There are over 400 Zulu's in 7 Regiments. They are mostly the old style Wargames Foundry figures, with 30 plastic Wargames Factory and  about 30 Black Tree figures. The Black Tree figures are probably a little big in comparison with the other figures but I have stuck them in the rear ranks so they don't really notice. There is also a mounted command stand from Empress Miniatures and these figures are really superb.

I have finished the terrain for Rorke's Drift ( Redoubt Enterprise) with a little conversion work added, and also wanted to paint a good amount of Zulu's before I started on the British.

I have painted a few British, mostly old style Foundry with a few head swaps from Empress. I have purchased the complete range of Empress Miniatures excellent Zulu War British and Volunteers and have started painting these ( saving the best until last).

I plan on doing a photo shoot of the Battle of Rorke's Drift  (See the link on my photo shoot of the Battle of Bunker Hill) when I have enough figures to do the defenders on a 1 to 1 ratio. I then hope to do the same thing with the Battle of Isandlwana, obviously not on a 1 to 1 ratio. These will be in future entries on the blog.

I will be bringing my Zulu's along to my good friend Dave Marks place on the 21st January. To give you an idea of the size of his wargame room(s),  we will be playing on tables covering a total length of 55 feet and my 400 Zulu's will just be a very small part of the huge amount of Zulu's that Dave will be fielding. I will bring my camera along to this and will share with you the game in a future entry on the blog. You will be able to see Dave's gaming room in April's Wargames Illustrated where he did a big ACW game using the Black Powder rules, this event was attended by the editor of WI along with the author of Black Powder.

  The last picture shows the iNdlondo regiment on the left (red and white shields) and uMbonambi regiment on the right.

I have finished a couple of units of NNC along with their Europeon officers and nco's and will post these in my next blog along with some details on my basing.   


  1. Thousands of 'em!

    Nice work Pat, looking forward to seeing the Brits!

  2. Wow! What a tremendous achievement and may I add wonderfully done Sir. I shall be following with interest.

  3. WoW! That's one impressive collection! I friend who's a Zulu fan and he would salivate over this!


  4. WOW!!! That is a truly massive and extremely impressive project. It makes my little Zulu project look er little! Fabulous painting and scenery.

  5. Thanks again chaps, as for your little project MM, it's quality not quantity,(That's what the wife tells me anyway). I must admit painting over 400 Zulu's did test my resolve and I hit a painting block a few times.

  6. Very impressive and great looking figs and pics.

  7. What a fantastic collection, amazing painting and scenery!!

  8. Bloody Hell! Zulus to the east - thousands of them! Stunning work, just wonderful

  9. *small voice* Eeep. Wow.

    Awesome job, and I love the terrain backdrops you have going.

  10. Very very impressed. Fantastic looking Zulu army. Wonderful photos too.

  11. Thanks for all the great feedback Chaps.