Friday, 25 January 2013

Medieval Terrain for War of the Roses game

I don't get to play very often but as I have the day off from work on Monday my mate is coming over for a game. I am going to try and sort some rules out for a War of the Roses game, adapting Too Fat Lardies 'Sharp Practice'.
I have just set the table up ready for Monday using some of the terrain I recently made. There is probably a little too much clutter for a game but I just fancied getting some of the new stuff on the table.
There are a couple of commercial buildings on the table and the stream section and the hill with the road running through it are from 'Last Valley' which I have re-painted and flocked to match my terrain.
Don't look to close at the figures as they were painted a while ago using Army Painter and there was a lot of experimenting with different colours for this method.

I will post some pictures of the game at some point in the future.


  1. Wow!
    This board is just awesome. Really a great piece of wargaming.

    Thanks for sharing these nice pictures.


  2. That is a fantastic set up, it looks great before the troops have even arrived!

  3. Looks excellent already! Can't wait for some pics of the actual game!

  4. Impressive! I've seen some good dioramas which are not better than your wargame-table !
    All the details are fabulous!
    I love ...

  5. Wow - when I see amazing terrain like this, I think of what is in the best museums. Add figures and gaming and then it's incredible! Best, Dean

  6. Ouch! That's a beautiful, beautiful table...terrain...village...set up...I'm really impressed, the details are wonderful, fantastic work!!!!
    All the best,

  7. That is a fantastic set up!! Really looking forward to photos of the game.

  8. WOW !!! Breth taking terrain !!! Very impressive !

    Love all the civilians that give life to the settings, especially the willage brutes att he gate, the priests and all worker in the fileds, lovely !!!

    Best regards Michael

  9. Pat that table is stunning you are really a master terrain maker incredible how realistic it all looks!!

  10. Pat, what a fantastic terrain layout! It looks perfect - very realistic. Almost seems a shame for the peasants' happy lives to be shattered by grim visag'd warre......well, almost! Have fun with the game and be sure to post some pictures!

  11. Jo Pat

    I worked very long years in the TT Business and from that point of view i can say you are one of a handfull of ppl that invest so much love in the realistic looking Terrain and with that your eye build up the very perfect gaming tables.....keep on that good work....wanna see a WW1 set up from you mate ;)

    god bless
    Michael aka Jaycan

  12. Thanks Chaps.
    Michael, when I finally get around to WW1 it will only be a poor copy of what Sidney Roundwood has done. If you haven't visited his site yet, I strongly recommend you do, its fantastic.

  13. Absolutely stunning terrain, Pat!


  14. Wonderful set up! Tons of inspiration, thanks for sharing all the pics.

  15. WoW! Your tables always look just fantastic!


  16. Just stunning Pat, I feel like I've been transported back in time! I continued to be very, very envious.

  17. Brilliant terrain and photos Pat!

  18. hi
    just wondering what you use as a base?MDF,PLYBOARD OR ARTISTS mounting card?howdo you stop it from warping once finished?

  19. of course i should have said lovely lovely terrain.

  20. Stop it..... I can't compete with your awesomeness mr smith

  21. Thanks again Chaps.
    John, I used hardboard for the bases but the two larger pieces did warp a bit. I scored the underneath and then weighed them down flat whilst they were drying and also painted the underneath to draw them back the other way but they still warped slightly. The thing is not to make the bases to big, and I am sure there are better basing materials than hardboard out there, I use it because it is cheap and easy to cut.

  22. That is a really wonderful table! Hope the game was as much fun!

  23. Thanks some fantastic looking WOR terrain! Can you make it to Nashville to help run a WOR game in the Spring? lol

  24. Thanks Chaps.
    Thanks for the offer Cory, would love to come, all expenses paid travelling first class with the family of course.
    ps. Look forward to seeing some pictures of the Nashville game.

  25. Excellent work and photos as usual Pat , well done