Monday, 11 May 2015


I have up for sale 4Grounds Parish Church and Corner House.

The above picture shows the yet to be released (July 2015) Parish Church made by 4Ground on display at Salute this year. On impulse (as you do) I ordered the church and also bought the corner building from 4Ground but on reflection, decided I didn't want to go down this path, as nice as the buildings are.

At Salute, customers had the chance of ordering the church in advance and getting it before general release and so I have been waiting for it to arrive in the post (which it did this morning) so that I can put it up on my blog for sale.

The church is suitable from Medieval, right up to the present day and even comes with stained glass windows. Both the church and corner building is brand new and still sealed in their unopened boxes.

The church costs £115 and I will sell mine for £85 plus free postage to the UK.

The corner house costs £49 and I will sell mine for £35 plus free postage to the UK.

The picture below shows the corner house on the display table at Salute with the church in the background.

Here are the pictures of the buildings in the boxes that arrived this morning and which will remain unopened and sent off to the buyer.

If interested in either building then send me an email at



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