Sunday, 31 May 2015

Williamite Wars & WW2 WIP.

These are 28mm figures from 'Warfare Miniatures' that I have just finished painting for Ralph Spencer, a friend at my place of work . I don't know much about this period but having seen these excellent figures in the flesh I must now try and resist collecting another period. I have given them three coats of brushed on varnish, one gloss and two matt (Daler-Rowney) but they have not been based as Ralph wants to do this to match his own collection. Ralph also supplied me with printed flags that I have painted over. These were also from Warfare Miniatures and are very good as they are but adding a little paint on top just finishes them off I think.

Close up of the command.

I have given a couple of the figures torn/ripped clothing on their knees and elbows but not done too many as these as supposed to be a guards unit which I imagine would have been the best dressed in the army.

I have painted these in exchange for some trees that Ralph is making for me. He makes excellent trees and gave me helpful advice on using steel wool for foliage (see last post). If interested in having trees made, you can contact Ralph for commission work at
Here are a couple of trees that he has already made for me.

I have asked Ralph to do the remainder of trees in autumn leaf for me and I will then paint up a platoon of late war German in autumn camo which I hope will make a good photo shoot for the blog.

The pictures below show a mix of Eureka  Miniatures Afghan civilians and some market stalls, plus a couple of scratch built ones as well, to add to my modern collection. Also WW2 figures and 19 x tanks (20 if you count the die cast scout car) that I will be working on.   

  I got the idea with the die-cast scout car from Richard Clarke of Too Fat Lardies, who converted one for his WW2 desert collection. It is a Corgi Junior Daimler scout car which I picked up off ebay for the bargain price of £1.

 I thought I would use mine as a lend lease with my WW2 Russian collection and so chopped up a couple of Warlord Miniatures plastic Russian Infantry and stuck them in the vehicle along with a few bits of stowage. I will prime, paint and weather the vehicle and then give you an update in a future post to see how it turns out.

Here is a comparison shot of the die-cast next to a Warlord Miniatures resin vehicle. They are a pretty good match size wise.


  1. Hi Pat,
    Splendid minis on Williamite wars, uniforms and flags are just amazing...and the command stand is impressive, you can not lose a battle with them! And you're right, these trees are top notch!

  2. Great to see you painting up THE one true period Pat!!!!!!

  3. Fantastic work on the Williamaites Pat!

  4. Fabulous paintwork and some great projects coming together..

  5. look great mate! and that pile of tanks puts my tiny one to shame....

  6. Great looking Williamites! The red turned out nicely. Really looking forward to your next WW2 project... it's always more than inspiring to follow your progress.

  7. Wonderful brushwork as always, Pat. I must say I too have little knowledge of this period, but believe it is the birth of uniforms per se. That in itself makes it interesting to me :)

  8. Just stunning and I love those trees!

  9. Amazing modelling and painting on your part, Pat, as usual, and also fantastic trees courtesy of your friend Ralph. Beautiful stuff from start to finish!

  10. Excellent work yet again Pat! I agree on the extra effort paid off on the flags. I can easily see how this period can be tempting!


  11. Wonderful pieces all of these. The figure look ecxelent and the trees are top notch as well! Sounds like a good deal.
    The WW2 looks really ambitious and I'm looking forward to seeing your tank force develop.


  12. Really impressive terrain Pat (a skill I simply havn't got) and a cracking blog. Very enjoyable.

  13. Fantastic painting work, really brilliant!