Friday, 9 February 2018

Second Printing of Setting the Scene.

2nd printing of Setting the Scene has been delivered and the books will go in the post today/tomorrow. We have sold about 75% of them so we have about 30-40 copies left. If you have been undecided about getting a copy now is the time, as I doubt that there is enough interest to warrant a 3rd printing.
 If you would like a copy please email me on and I will send you a Paypal invoice.
 For further details including price and postage costs then click on SETTING THE SCENE at the top right column on this page.
If you would like to view or read a review of the book then click on one of the links below. These were made by people who bought the book and I would just like to say thanks to you guys for your comments, it has helped to make it all worth while.
Also many thanks to everybody who have supported the book, particularly those who waited patiently whilst we dealt with the problems associated with the first printer.

Colonel Mustards blog


Stiumac -  Worlds in Miniature

Trouble At T’Mill –  a wargaming blog.
And a big thanks to Steve Lampon for all his help with advertising on Face Book.














  1. Hi Pat What are the chances of a pdf version? The postage to South Africa and exchange rate is a killer. The same happened with Tony Harwood's Building Terrain Books all 3 of them postage killed it for me and now I have nothing of a great product. I'm afraid I'm
    going to miss out on another great product and all the others you are planning. Please please consider it!! Greg

  2. Hi Greg,
    I will consider it for the future but don't hold your breath though. I have kept the cost of the book down to help compensate with postage costs abroad but I know £7.90 for Zone 2 is expensive and does add greatly to the overall cost.

  3. Well done Pat,congratulations on completing such a fantastic book, a great asset in helping others build A1 terrain. I have been compelled to buy many times but resisted as I know I will be compelled to start making terrain/figure/vehicles for a snow table (I am already up to my neck in projects).
    cheers John

    1. No worries John, with your terrain making skills, it should be you that brings out the next book.

  4. Great book. Thanks Pat

  5. I enjoy reading through the articles. I absolutely loved every little bit of this.

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