Saturday, 23 June 2018

Setting The Scene 2, The Mediterranean - Update No 2

A big update for you today with lots of pictures of the buildings and some smaller terrain items. I have also painted a second platoon of British Infantry in long trousers, these are the metal figures from Perry Miniatures.

The buildings are either commercial or scratch built with some additional work on a couple of the laser cut buildings. I have also based quite a few buildings together and the river and bridge is a 'last Valley' piece which I have repainted and flocked.

The small walled gardens and vegetable patches I made for a friend and did double the amount so that I could have some for myself. It gave me a chance to try out the colour for my ground work as he wanted them for the Mediterranean but with a more sandy colour, whereas I wanted them with a more red earthy colour. I think they both work and so it is just down to personal preference.

Before you start thinking there is much too green in the pictures, I have to point out that this is very early stages with the project for the book, Setting The Scene 2. I will be making a terrain mat which will hopefully have more appropriate colours for the Med. I also plan on building a mountainous ridgeline that will run the full length of the table which the village will be able to sit on and there will be vineyards and olive groves and a hundred and one other bits and pieces which I have to do which will make it specific for WW2 Sicily/Italy and Napoleonic Peninsula, so bare with me.

My friend, Lofty Warren is coming around for a game of Chain of Command tomorrow and it will be the first time I have used this terrain and figures specifically for the Med. It will be two platoons of Brits trying to drive a reinforced platoon of Germans out of the village once they have secured the river crossing. I thought it would be an ideal time to show the figures and terrain off as the table has already been set.

Anyway, enough of my ramblings and on with the pictures, scroll down further for the action shots.  

The action shots.

And of course it is not all WW2 Sicily/Italy, there will be plenty of these as well.

Steve Lampon is going to start a Setting The Scene Face Book page which will also have updates of how the book progresses.

 For those of you who are patiently waiting for us to do a third print run of the first book 'Setting The Scene, Winter Wargaming', you will be pleased to know we are getting close to the hundred names that we require to make it worthwhile doing another print of the book.

So, if you haven't bought the first book and you are thinking about it, then go over to and add your name to the list.




  1. Looks splendid, lots of inspiration

  2. Absolutely stunning Pat. Hugely inspirational too!

  3. You're a painting machine Pat! All that stuff looks wonderful and I can't wait to see the finished book. You know the med is my favourite theatre for any period, thus I'll definitely be drawing some more inspiration from your work.

  4. Truly awesome, Pat! The dual usage of the terrain between different periods is inspirational.

    Cheers, Ross

  5. Outstanding yet again Pat!! I struggle with just getting a house or two you knock out whole towns! Really looking forward to that second book!


  6. Immersive and wonderful pictures, what an inspired terrain Pat!

  7. Still no chance of purchasing the 1st Setting the Scene book in PDF Pat? If not now after the 3rd print run?

  8. Immersive is right - terrain and photography!

  9. Great looking action shots and a wonderful looking town, I'm using your first book now,can't wait for your next one, I'm just starting my Italian wars terrain now.
    Best Iain

  10. More fantastic Eye Candy Pat! Your truly an inspiration for all of us.

  11. Lovely work Pat, what else can one say.
    cheers John

  12. Incredible gaming table Simon...simply the best there is.

  13. You can sign me up for pre-order of this one :-) You are on a roll Pat ... amazing stuff ... I can see you are on your way to building the ultimate wargamers terrain reference series!

  14. Thanks again chaps for your kind words.

  15. Looking amazing! I really loved the first book and am currently working on building up miniatures and terrain to represent the battle of Ortona so I will be following this closely and anxiously await the next book!

  16. Amazing! I love the first book and have applied many a technique to enhance my terrain! Can not wait for this one as I am currently doing this theater for WW2 and Napoleonics.