Saturday 29 December 2012


A little while back Stephen Danes asked me to take some photo's of my Napoleonic collection, skirmishing, so that he could use some of the pictures in his latest book,' Napoleon and the armies of Mars'. (Before you ask, I don't have any terrain for Mars, he obviously uses photo shop) For a bit of fun I decided to take the pictures in a battle sequence and Stephen could take out whatever pictures he needed for his book.
A small British force are deployed in some fields around a manor house, with orders to hold as long as possible but as the French come on in force, they make a hasty retreat.

My apologies if I got a bit too carried away with so many pictures, as I know it can be quite time consuming viewing, especially if you are visiting other blogs. I must remember,' less is more'.   

Friday 21 December 2012


As promised, some British Lancers for the Zulu War. Wonderful figures once again from Empress Miniatures. The Zulu huts are also by Empress and the Zulus themselves are Wargames Foundry apart from the casualty figures which are Old Glory.


Good news from Empress Miniatures, they informed me at a recent show that they will continue to expand on the Zulu War range, with Frontier Light Horse, Dragoons, Highland Infantry, Naval and more Personalities for the period.

I start the first day of my holidays today and I am not back to work until the 2nd of January, so hopefully will get plenty of hobby related time mixed in amongst family festive time.
Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and thanks for visiting my blog over the past year.