Tuesday 31 December 2013


In my last post Paul from http://paulsbods.blogspot.co.uk/  suggested I take a few pictures in sepia as it might make some of the pictures look more real. Thanks for the tip Paul.
Some of the pictures you have already seen in colour in my last post but the ones of the vehicles are new. In the next day or so I will post the colour versions of these vehicles with a lot more pictures.






The vehicles are from Warlord, colour pictures coming to this blog next year. (well in a couple of hours actually)

Happy New Year and thanks to all of you that visit.


Saturday 21 December 2013

WARLORD WW2 plastic German, also Zulu book

I have just finished another platoon for Chain of Command. These are mostly Warlord plastic with a few existing Artizan miniatures metal figures. I have used a few bits and pieces from their blitzkrieg pack and also a couple of bare heads from the Brits.

I think I have read the lists wrong for a Panzergrenadier platoon in CoC as it mentions a Junior leader plus two panzerfausts for each section. I took that to be actual figures which makes each section 12 x men strong and I think it is only meant to be the weapons and 10 x men, so I have painted too many figures.

I am amazed how many panzerfausts and LMG's a German platoon had from the mid war onwards.

I also painted up a couple of figures and trimmed the bases so I could use them for extra crew for my halftracks, I can also use these for forward observers or as extra crew for my HMG's.
Warlord metal mortar team.

This chap has a few bits from the other plastic sets from Warlord.

And the usual action shots.



Warlord recently sent me their new supplement for Black Powder 'Zulu'. If you have any interest in the Zulu war this book is superb for gaming the period even if you don't use the BP rules.

You might recognise quite a few images in the book from this blog. 

I will finish for the year with wishing you all a Happy Christmas and see you in 2014.

Have a drink and be Merry.