Sunday 7 November 2021


 It has been a while since my last post but I have been busy on the terrain front both with this and the next blog post.

This post covers the four enclosed farms plus 13 feet of hills/ridgeline, plus just under half of the 90 trees that I have made.


I pinched the idea of magnetized hills from Geoff at Purple Lion Creations and had the hill and river laser cut MDF templates made up by the talented and very helpful Colin at Charlie Foxtrot Models.

 I have used a Perry Miniatures 28mm figure in the picture for scale.

 The hills/ridgeline can be used with or without the magnetized trees and I have used textured coins as blanks to go over the magnets when not using the trees. (check the date on the coins as only the later ones are magnetized) 

Using magnetized trees gives you the flexibility to remove your trees for figure placement, also I think they look better on your hills if they are growing up vertically rather than out at an angle perpendicular to the slope of the hill. 

I will also be using magnetized trees for my river banks and woodland bases, plus if the table gets knocked, your trees don't fall over.

When making your hills it is also good to make sure the slopes aren't too steep and you can still place your troops without them falling over. 



Having said that, I have made some rocky outcrops that will be more suitable for single-based skirmish troops when it comes to maneuvering. 

And of course, they are timeless and can be used for other gaming periods.


Moving onto the buildings, I went with Hovels ltd, as they have a smaller footprint 25-28mm, rather than the larger MDF laser cut buildings from Sarissa. 

The Sarissa buildings are ideal for when using the Too Fat Lardies Sharpe Practice skirmish games but I also wanted to use them with the General d' Armee Napoleonic rule set by Dave Brown and the Sarissa buildings just take up too much space for my liking.

As it was, the Hovels La Haye Sainte farmhouse still had a big footprint and I had to reduce the size of the rear garden and based it in three parts. As for Hougoumont and Papelotte, I used some of the buildings from these sets and based my own smaller generic enclosed farms using additional sections of wall and gates, both commercial and scratch built.

Farm 1. La Haye Sainte (the orchard I had made previously).  


Farm 2

Farm 3

Farm 4

Some group.

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