Thursday 25 April 2019

Terrain Clutter, WW2 Vehicles - Mediterranean Update 10

For the latest update of the book, I have painted a couple of WW2 vehicles and a pile of terrain clutter.

It has been two years since I last painted any vehicles and I felt a bit unsure with my techniques but luckily I remembered John Bond did a couple of tutorials on his excellent blog

John's painting tutorial is clear and straight forward and from what I remember a similar style to how I painted vehicles without the use of a spray gun, so I gave some of his methods a try to help ease me back into painting a couple of armoured cars. I also painted a couple of oil drums in the appropriate vehicle colours prior to making a start on the vehicles to make sure I was happy with the colours and help get my hand back in with the weathering techniques.

Terrain clutter is the little things that bring everything together and the more you add the more natural your table will look.

Richard Clarke of 'Too Fat Lardies' fame is a pioneer in the hobby with this sort of thing and has had some good ideas with his terrain whether it be greenhouses and vegetable patches, period posters on the sides of buildings or half sunken barges in his early war canal sections.

My recent list of clutter for this project includes period posters, street, and road signs, telegraph poles (both commercial and scratch built), street lamps, oil drums, crates, and sacks, and some gravestones.

 Combine this with previous extras like civilians, animals, carts, wagons, out-houses and vegetable patches and it all starts to help set the scene. Today's post is set for WW2 Italy, obviously, an earlier Napoleonic Peninsula setting would need to have some of these items removed and replaced with more suitable pieces.

The table had recently been laid for a game of Chain of Command fighting in a built-up area, so I added some of the extras for the photo shoot. Spot the posters.

At the moment I am painting a Fallschirmjager platoon and supports, then I have a Perry Miniatures plastic box set of US Infantry and a couple of vignettes to paint and that should be it and I can start putting the book altogether.

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