Wednesday 6 November 2019

SETTING THE SCENE volume 2 - now in stock

Setting The Scene volume 2 along with copies of volume 1 arrived a few days ago and Steve has been busy posting to everyone who has pre-ordered the book. If you haven't yet ordered and would like a copy of either book, then click on the link below for full details.

Volume 2 is 50% bigger than the first book at 148 pages and crammed with lots of useful information not just for terrain but also figure and vehicle painting.

 There is also a whole chapter by Nick of Moiterei's Bunt Welt BlogSpot fame with his very own slot as guest painter.

If you would like to hear what the Lardettes think about the book then click on the link below to listen to their views on the TOO FAT LARDIES Oddcast 24. The book, I am very pleased to say, also made their coveted Best Bit on the Bench.

I have also been busy with the Perry Miniatures plastic sets making support options for Chain of Command. In the last post I used the Perry plastic Germans for making engineers, medics, flamethrowers, extra gun crew and so on, this time it is supports for the British and American forces.

I have also made another three destroyed buildings, as attacks from aircraft are now getting used more frequent in our games since the introduction of the Stuka rules in the TFL's 1940 handbook. Not that we are using Stuka's in mid war Italy but using the effects from the rules for the appropriate aircraft at that time. 

On the Sharp Practice front, I have just finished painting up a British horse artillery gun and crew for my Napoleonic's in the Peninsula. I managed to paint this up in a day as I didn't have one in my collection and I needed it on the hurry up for something special. More of which will become clear in a future post.

And to show the Mediterranean book is not just for Napoleonic Peninsula or WW2 Sicily/Italy, with a change of figures and a few small items I will be transported back in time ready for Infamy, Infamy the upcoming TFL's Ancient rule set.