Friday 24 January 2014

FALL BACK TO THE BRIDGE. WW2 action shots.

In my last post I set up the table to show you the engineers and obstacles I had been working on. The table layout was done ready for the Chain of Command game I will be playing when my mate comes around in a couple of weeks time. The scenario from the book is 'ATTACK ON AN OBJECTIVE'. The game is played long ways down the table and the objective ( a bridge in this case) is set up in the final quarter furthest from the attacker.
The minefields, barbed wire and tank traps in the above picture are just for show and wont be on the table on the day unless the defender chooses them from the lists with his allotted points.

The pictures that follow are obviously not of the game but just to show you the layout of the table and the engineers in action (and because I like to take lots of pictures of what I have been working on).


 Dave Green, if your reading this, you now know the layout for our game.

Wednesday 15 January 2014

WW2 Engineers and Obstacles for Chain of Command

Still on the WW2 theme, thanks to the very addictive TFL's Chain of Command WW2 rules and Warlord's German Pioneer box set.

With Chain of Command you can beef up your platoon with a variety of options from the support list, depending on the scenario and how many points you have available to spend. For example if you are in a defensive role you may want to choose minefields, barbed wire or a road block in the form of Czech hedgehogs or concrete blocks. Conversely, if you are the attacking force you may need to choose mine clearance, wire cutting or demolition teams from your support list to clear the obstacles.

So here is what I have done so far....

Made from off cuts of plastic sprue.





Using foam board gives you the opportunity to dig down and give the blast hole some depth.

When your engineers have cleared the mine field or cut through the barbed wire you need to be able to show this.




In Chain of Command any tracked vehicle can also clear a path through barbed wire.

Demolition team for getting rid of those tank traps.
Flamethrowers are also on the engineer support list.
The engineers so far. There should be a crew of three for each team.

Chain of Command also use scenic 'jump-off points'. You can buy these in resin from Too Fat Lardies (the four on the left in the finished set are from TFL the rest are either scratch built or from Wargames Foundry German Para set.


I also got around to finishing off the check point from Wargames Foundry.
and painted up my Panzer IV tank commander from Warlord.

My next post I will show some action shots of the engineers on my table that I have set up for Scenario 6 from Chain of Command 'ATTACK ON AN OBJECTIVE' which will be the bridge.