Saturday 24 November 2018

Mountain Top Village - Mediterranean Update 6

The inspiration for the Monastery on the mountaintop, along with the bridge crossing the ravine came from a wonderful table that I had seen at Salute a couple of years back of a 40mm Napoleonic Peninsula game from the collection of Ian Smith.

 The eye-catching terrain at Salute was made by the very talented David Marshall of TM Terrain who commissions work at the highest diorama level (he did the Perry's Agincourt terrain for the Tower of London) and so I have based my poor man's wargaming version of a Monastery and bridge over a ravine but I extended the mountain to run the full length of the 10ft table which has enabled me to build a village on top.

 The valley is still looking a bit bare but I will be making a walled terrace hill with the option of the windmill, blockhouse or pillbox sitting on top overlooking the river/bridge depending on if it is a Napoleonic Peninsula or WW2 Sicily/Italy scenario.  I also need to fill the valley out with vineyards, olive groves, orchards, and Cyprus trees to line the road. Ideal terrain with lots of cover for WW2 but a nightmare for those formed units of Napoleonic infantry. Lots of skirmish units for Sharp Practice I think, especially the mountain terrain which will be ideal ambush country for the Spanish Guerillas and I have already made a destroyed version of the bridge which can be swapped over with the intact bridge. 

The buildings and walls are either scratch built by myself or come from Charlie Foxtrot, GrandManner, Empress Miniatures and Warbases. The Napoleonic figures are either Perry or Alban Miniatures and the WW2 figures are again from Perry Miniatures. I have taken some pictures of this post with Napoleonic at one end and WW2 at the other end of the table.

Apologies for this post being so picture heavy, as usual, I got carried away.

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