Sunday 13 February 2022


 I have just finished making 6ft of canals, 14 woodland bases, and a girder bridge for my river sections.

The woodland bases each have three magnetized trees (made previously for sitting on the banks of my river sections), some wooden fencing, a fallen tree, and a few bushes to give the impression of a wooded area but with plenty of room for figure placement with the removal of the magnet trees.

28mm figures for scale.

With the canal sections, I was inspired by Richard Clarke's 2018 Crisis build and more recently, Alan Shewood and Joe Bilton's superb terrain-making skills of a canal. 

Both the canal bridges and the barges are MDF kits from Sarissa Precision.  

28mm figures for scale.   



Last but not least, another Sarissa Precision MDF kit of a girder bridge to go with the river sections that I made recently. 
28mm figures and vehicles for scale.

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