Saturday 31 May 2014

Panzer Grenadier Deluxe - WW2 Rules Review.

I have just received my copy of the new 'Panzer Grenadier Deluxe' tactical WW2 rules, written by Dave Brown, author of the excellent Napoleonic rule set General de Brigade.

Dave contacted me and asked if he could use some of my WW2 images that I had put on the blog for his new rule book and of course I was more than happy to oblige.

 You will see Dave's demonstration games at many of the shows in the U.K. as part of the Loughton Strike Force wargames club. Salute 2014 being no exception with their superb WW2 game that they put on, Kursk: Attack on Ponyri: 1943 using the above rules.

Panzer Grenadier Deluxe is the 3rd Edition of these rules and in the words of the author - Players will find the Deluxe Edition has less detail than the 2nd Edition with slicker mechanisms that create a fluid, higher tempo game with rules that still provide "realistic" wargame outcomes. The desire has been to rework the rules avoiding continual reference to charts, providing a game that is fast paced, easy to learn and with a minimum of record keeping.

I have only had chance to skim through the book so far but first impressions are very good. It comes in hard back with some superb artwork on the front "Rommel the Desert Fox" and on the back "Fighting for a Foothold - 82nd Airborne at St. Mere Eglise".

There are 248 pages packed with some very inspirational colour and black and white photographs of both historical and wargames images of the WW2 conflict. The layout looks very professional and set out in 25 clear and easy to locate chapters.

The rules are designed for use with 15mm or 20mm figures, but can also be used with 10mm - 12mm or even 28mm. Tactical units represented are infantry sections, (or squads) formed into platoons and companies, supported by tanks, AFV's, artillery and ground attack aircraft.

If you are interested in a set of these rules and want to know more then visit Dave's forum where he will be able to answer any of your questions.

            My collection of 28mm WW2 has been geared up for skirmish games with a platoon of figures plus support a side, so I will have to expand on these to bring them up to a Battlegroup formation before I am able to try out the rules and experience larger actions in this period. Until then I will be using many of the pictures of the superb terrain that is displayed in the book for inspiration for my own games table.     

I will finish off this post with a little taster of what is coming up in my next weeks blog. No, it's not tree's and hedges, look more closely.


Sunday 25 May 2014


I have recently finished painting my first batch of 28mm Allied Armour, not counting the die cast vehicles that I have been practising on. These are made by Warlord and so far we have a Daimler Dingo scout car, two Universal Bren Carriers, a Vickers Light Tank and a Matilda MK 2.
The last two vehicles have been painted in the earlier war two tone paint scheme, as they will be used in support for my BEF platoon.  

I also purchased some Warlord spray cans of paint when I was at Salute this year, as the cans were half price. I will be doing a few test pieces but I am not that happy with the initial colours now that they have been sprayed onto the figures. I think the Dunkelgelb will probably be okay for the Desert War stuff but not too sure with the rest. I will submit the results in a future post, along with how much quicker I found them if any, to paint and the effect it makes on my standard of painting. 

Here is a picture of the rest of my Allied vehicle park waiting in the paint queue. Four Shermans, a Soviet T/34, a Humber Scout Car and a Tetrarch Light Tank. So a bit of a mixture really but then I have quite a few different types of platoons that I need these for.

Last but not least, the drivers head for the Dingo. I was not sure if he was going to be very visable when glued into the vehicle so I took a couple of pictures just encase.


Friday 16 May 2014


I have just finished painting these chaps for Simon Walker, they are the superb figures from Empress Miniatures 'Anglo Zulu War' range.
As I mentioned in my previous post, I found it hard work motivating myself to paint figures for someone else and I am now looking forward to painting my own projects again. (Sorry Simon but this will be the last batch)

The figures are Natal Native Horse, Natal Mounted Police, Natal Mounted Carbineers, Buffalo Border Guard and Newcastle Mounted Rifles. Along with the rest of Simon's Zulu War collection he will now have a huge amount of horse. Simon informed me that he wanted the units to be big enough, mounted and dismounted to be used for a Zulu War version of  the excellent 'Sharpe Practice' rules from the 'Too Fat Lardies' stable.


Friday 2 May 2014


I have been painting some figures for a couple of friends, Paul Doe and Simon Walker.

 For Paul, I have just finished the 28mm Knuckleduster figures from the 1812 American War range. These figures are the Glengarry Light Infantry. The uniform was the same as the 95th except these chaps had muskets and not rifles. I am not entirely happy with the way I painted the flesh on these, as I should have gone a shade lighter. Sorry Paul.


For Simon, I am painting a load of Empress Miniatures Zulu War figures to add to his collection. I have now finished the NNC and I am working my way through the NMP.

I am finding it hard work getting motivated to paint figures for other people ( I don't know how you professional painters do it), so I am having to be quite strict and not start painting anything for myself until this lot is finished, otherwise I will never come back to them.

A couple of pictures of some Zulu War images that I sent to Warlord to use in their Black Powder supplement.