Thursday 8 April 2021


 It has been a while since my last update but I have been busy with the Nap project, as well as other hobby related things. (apologies for my neglect in commenting on your blogs of late.) 

First of all, I was asked to contribute some photos to the Kvam article in the latest Wargames Soldier & Strategy magazine and was informed that my name would be credited to the pictures in the mag. As this wasn't done, if you have seen the article, then the pictures are down to me. I have attached a couple of pictures to this post.

For the Napoleonic project, so far I have painted 21 battalions of  French Infantry and have just another three battalions to paint. Once this is done I can move onto the allied infantry. 

When painting this many infantry in 28mm scale you really need to cut a few corners and make a few compromises with your painting style if you want to be able to achieve your goal in this lifetime. 

After painting the first couple of battalions and realizing just how long it takes to paint Napoleonic figures, I reviewed and experimented with each new battalion that I painted until I was able to give the impression of a reasonably painted figure whilst cutting out a lot of the fluff. 

Basically I am painting a base layer, a wash and then just a flesh and white straps highlights, plus highlight tufts on the flankers and that is it.

 If you choose the right base colours under the wash, minimize your colour palette and just wipe your finger over the wash whilst it is still wet, this will let the base colour show through as a natural highlight. This is something I do on the thigh and knee of a figure if it is wearing white trousers. 


I have also been experimenting with thin rubber sheet and acrylic caulk for base mats. I also tried Alan Perry's idea of using hanging basket liner as a base material to go over some of the mats. 

    Rubber mat and caulk layer on the right and additional layer of hanging basket liner on the left.

I still need to add flags and finish the bases on the figures but I just thought I would take a couple of pictures with some of the figures and mats together.

And finally an update on the books. Steve Lampon informs me that we are now sold out of volume two of SETTING THE SCENE but we still have copies of volume 1 and 3.
If you are interested in buying a copy of volume 1 or 3 or put your name back on the waiting list for volume 2 then contact Steve at