Tuesday 29 June 2021


 Latest update with the Napoleonic project is a few of units of cavalry. Two units of mounted French Dragoons and the dismounted versions to go with them. The dismounted figures I had painted previously for my Mediterranean book in the Peninsula and just repainted the facings from yellow to red on one of the units.

Brunswick Uhlans which were converted from the Victrix plastic Dutch Lancers and the 6th Dutch Hussars from the Perry Miniatures Hussars and Chasseurs plastic box sets. 

I have laid the table ready for a large game of Napoleonic Sharp Practice with a few friends that will be coming around for my first game in the cabin since before the lockdown. I have also added a few photos with the four battalions of Old Guard I painted a little while back.

Steve Lampon informs me that we only have copies of volume 3 left of Setting the Scene books, if you want copies of volume 1 or 2 then contact Steve stevelampon@yahoo.co.uk and he will put your name on the waiting list.