Saturday 28 November 2015


I have recently finished a couple of batches of German Infantry and first up are some 'Wargames Foundry' German Sentry's. I will be using these to guard a high ranking German Officer who happens to be visiting a certain Chateau in an upcoming game. I just need to get the Commando's finished off and work out some spotting rules for the sentry's.

The main man himself is from Artizan Miniatures. I painted him ages ago but it was done using 'army painter' and I thought as he will be the main character, he needed a repaint. I didn't strip the paint back to the bare metal but just repainted straight over the top and re varnished. 

 Inspecting the guard. What has that man got in his mouth!

The second batch of figures are 'Warlord Games' Blitzkrieg Infantry and I ordered the plastic sprue which contains 6 x figures. I needed 4 x rifle armed Junior Leaders and a couple of extra infantry to give me 4 x squads of 10 x men.

In 'Chain of Command' the German 1940 and 1941 lists vary in that the 1940 Junior Leaders are rifle armed and the 1941 are SMG armed.

The new sprue of 4 x NCO's and 2 x riflemen.

Rifle armed Junior Leaders on the left and SMG leaders on the right.
The 4 x squads with both sets of leaders.
I also painted up the couple of extra crew that came with the 'Die Waffenkammer'  Marder II that I had painted a while ago. With this kit, you get 2 x early war and 2 x late war crew. I have based the spare crew so that they can help out manning an ATG.
Playing 'Chain of Command', you need to mark each squad/team as it picks up 'shock'. A lot of gamers, myself included, do this by placing little dice behind the unit with the number on the dice, indicating how many points of shock is on the squad/team. A couple of lads from the other blogs have used 'dice wells' on a base with a casualty figure which looks much better and I have copied this.  
I have also started basing my LMG teams with 2 x figures on a base and setting the 'dice well' into this base, so as to reduce the extra number of casualty bases/dice trailing the squad/team.
I have been preparing a new platoon of German Infantry in winter gear and I have based all the LMG's with 2 x figures to a base.
Whilst I was at it, I have been basing my Senior and Junior Leaders with 'dice wells' built into the base, so I can indicate with a dice, when the leader has picked up a wound. I use a black dice for this
(red dice for shock). The Leaders are based on hexes, with Senior Leaders on slightly bigger bases than junior leaders, to make it easier to spot on the table who is who.
I have also given my support weapons 'dice wells' which can be used for various things such as casualties, if you have more than one figure built into the base, ammo supply (3 x rounds for a bazooka) or the usual shock marker.
With this HMG team, there are 3 x figures on the base, so the black dice will indicate how many figures are casualties (with CoC, this would be a 5 x figure team) and the red dice will indicate how many points of shock are on the unit.

Because the 'dice wells' are built into the base, I don't think they spoil the look of the figure when there are no dice attached, and when there is, it looks a lot neater and less confusing than having lots of dice scattered all over the table. 
A Panzerschreck team with the green dice to indicate how many of his 3 x rounds that he has used.
and without the dice.
The 'Dice Wells' have been out a little while now and nothing new.  As I picked up some hex bases from 'Warfare' recently, for my leader bases, I thought I would incorporate the 'wells' into these and my support bases and help to tidy up my game. 
Back at the Ranch, or rather Chateau.............................................................................................

Stop shining that bloody torch in my face!

 It's bloody freezing up here, I can't feel my hands Hans.
British Bulldog meets German Shepherd.
And a thank you to Adam Clark if you are reading this, for buying my Napoleonic's. I hope you like them.   

Friday 20 November 2015

Napoleonic figures 'FOR SALE'

French Light Infantry Battalion.

Heavy and Light Cavalry plus Mounted General.

British Infantry

These figures are individually based for the 'TOO FAT LARDIES' rule set 'SHARP PRACTICE' and with the amended version 'SHARP PRACTICE 2' on the horizon, you have the opportunity to purchase some figures for a great set of large skirmish rules.

The figures are a mix of Perry Miniatures and Wargames Foundry (which were also sculpted by the Perry Bro's).

I have converted a large number of the metal Foundry figures with Perry heads to give added variety. In the picture below, the figure on the far left and far right is an original Foundry sculpt and the figures in between have had head swaps.  

The movement trays are laser cut from and I have textured, painted and flocked these to match the figure bases.

There is a total of 124 x foot figures, 21 x mounted figures and 16 x movement trays.

I am asking for £3.50 for a foot figure, £7 for a mounted and £1 for a movement tray.

I am also including for FREE, a plastic box set of Perry French Hussars and a couple of extra figures. 

This comes to £597 plus £12 postage to the UK.  (Also happy to meet up half way to avoid postage, I live in Essex and work in Central London.)

If interested, then contact me at

Parcel ready to go.