Tuesday 15 January 2019


Latest batch of terrain that I have been working on for the Mediterranean is as follows:
Olive Groves (I got this idea from the excellent 'Wargaming Crete in WWII' Facebook page), Vineyards, Cypress trees , Orchards, Terraced Hills, Stonewalling and wooden gates, Blockhouse and a dug-in  WWII Pillbox.

The WW2 vehicles and the Italians in this post have been painted by the very talented Nick of Moiterei's bunte Welt blog fame.

The Terraced Hill is from Grand Manner.

The terraced hill can be used with the Windmill or be more period specific with the Napoleonic Blockhouse or WWII dug-in Pillbox.

The Blockhouse is from Grand Manner which I have pimped slightly and then painted.

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