Monday 16 May 2022

WIP 10 for my ongoing project.

 I have made some bases for the buildings that I did in the last post, plus an allotment, more hills, stream, railway embankment, wheatfields, 15ft fencing, gates, slit trenches, and some outhouses.


A bit of luxury, outdoor loos, built like a brick sh*thouse. These make good practice for trying out textures and painting before working on your main model. 

Railway embankment.

Nine wheatfields.

A couple of low hills.

15ft of fencing, plus gates, and slit trenches.

Having previously made river and canal sections, I decided to make some stream pieces. I have included a couple of sections that widen to join up with my river or marsh.

A couple of pictures with 28mm figures and vehicles on the table.

28mm figure for scale next to stream.


I may give the terrain making a break and actually paint up some miniatures for the next post as it has been a year since I picked up a figure brush.

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