Sunday 8 February 2015

INSURGENTS plus support weapons and vehicles.

These are the latest batch of figures and vehicles that I have just finished painting for my modern period. The figures come from three different companies, the first are from Eureka Miniatures.

Second group of figures are from Radio Dishdash which are sold by Empress Miniatures.

The rest of the figures and the vehicles are from Empress Miniatures.

A few of the figures I haven't based as I want to be able to fit them in the back of some vehicles.

Also I haven't glued these guys down onto the motor bikes as the pillion riders can also be used to ride in the back of some pickup trucks, also there may be gaming occasions when I want just the bikes without riders parked up outside buildings. 

The Toyota Pickup trucks are resin with metal wheels and come from Empress Miniatures. They have a variety of support weapons that you can load them up with.

Here they are along side some diecast vehicles that I had painted previously. They are not a perfect match scale wise but they will do for gaming purposes.

Crewed up.

The latest batch.

And with the previous stuff that I have done.

A couple of action shots to finish.