Monday 31 May 2021


 My latest update I have finished three more battalions of French which gives me 24 battalions. 

As you know, it is not just the painting of the figures but also the painting and flocking of the bases, the varnishing of the figure and 24 flags/fanions to be done before you can say they are finished.

I have also finished 5 battalions of Brunswick infantry, basing/varnishing/flags and all, along with a new terrain mat 11' x 7' to allow for the overhang, plus about a dozen smaller terrain mats.

The majority of the figures are Perry miniatures, converted plastic with a few metal command packs thrown in. The excellent Brunswick flags are from Flags Of War and I have given one flag to each of the 1st and 3rd Line Battalion, although each battalion should have two flags each. The two light battalions and the Avante-Garde Battalion didn't carry flags.

28mm figure for scale.


A few staged shots with the Brunswick contingent forming a hasty defence from the advancing French.

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