Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Destroyed Buildings, Civilians, Mediterranean Update 9

This post is a bit of a mixed bag so I will start off with a couple of things not related to the Mediterranean book.

I owed a favor to one of my wargaming buddies and the other had his 60th Birthday coming up, so the first couple of pictures are of some AB Miniatures and a building that they wanted me to paint for them.

Next up I painted some civilians which I can hopefully use for both the Napoleonic Peninsula and WW2 Sicily/Italy. Some are obviously suited for one more than the other.

For the WW2 theme with the book, I also needed to make some telegraph poles and a couple of destroyed buildings.

In the book I show you two options of how I make a destroyed building, one is a commercial kit that I have added to and the other is made from scratch. I have also made a batch of damaged roofs that is a quicker and easier way of showing and giving an impression of damaged buildings and allows you to use the same building in both good and damaged condition.

Hopefully, I will eventually be able to make a damaged roof for each of my buildings but these will do for now otherwise I will never get the book finished.

I need to scatter rubble and broken roof tiles around the buildings for a proper picture shoot but these pictures will give you an idea.

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