Sunday 29 July 2012

Warlord Plastic NNC.

The first batch of pictures are figures from Warlord/Empress Miniatures plastic NNC box set. You get 32 x plastic and 2 x metal figures in the set and I must say I am tempted to purchase their other plastic Zulu box sets after seeing and painting these.

The following pictures show a mixture of Warlord, Empress and Wargames Foundry figures to complete my NNC and NNH collection.

This will be my last post for a couple of weeks as I have managed to get time off work during the Olympics and will be going on our family holiday to Austria. If I manage to visit the Eagle's Nest whilst out there I will post a couple of pictures on my return.  

Friday 20 July 2012

Zulu War Casualties

These are from Old Glory.  I bought a bag each of Zulu and British with 15 x figures to a bag for £13. There are five different poses with three of each. I have put them on bases from the Perry's plastic box sets.

They come with spare rifles or spears and shields. I used some of these shields along with shields left over from my plastic box sets and stuck them on bases to use as markers or battlefield clutter.


Friday 13 July 2012

Napoleonic French

I painted these figures a while ago using 'Army Painter' apart from Napoleon and his staff which were painted with a black undercoat.. I only used this method for a short while (for about a quarter of a tin before the AP dried up) and then moved onto washes but have kept using the white undercoat method.  With AP you can achieve a reasonable paint job and get your figures on the table very quickly but I find that the end result is not as satisfying as painting your figures in a more conventional method.

The next two pictures are conversions with Wargames Foundry bodies and Perry Miniatures plastic heads. The figure on the right in each picture has not been converted and is the original Foundry figure.

These figures have been based on single bases and then used in movement trays from 'Warbases'. I plan to use these for large skirmish games like 'Sharpes Practice'. I am only half way through painting the French so there will be plenty more of these to come along with British and Brunswick.