Thursday 7 May 2020

Norway 1940 - The Road to Dombas - part 3.

I have been quite busy with this project and finished most of the terrain, I just need to do some small items like signposts, more fencing, (also waiting for the model wire to arrive for my barbed wire fencing as you can see in some of the pictures) small outbuildings and log piles to complete the project.

The Road to Dombas is a seven game, three scenario/map, mini campaign set in Norway in April 1940. German paratroopers were dropped in bad weather conditions flying under low cloud and 8 of the 15 transport were shot down and the remainder scattered. Out of 185 men only 63 were in a position to try and achieve their objective.

What I like about this campaign is that you have elite German paratroopers in entrenchments, but reduced in numbers from the start, with the risk of  running low on ammo and having to carry over casualties into the next game. The Norwegians on the other hand will get a fresh platoon each game and receive increasing levels of support.

David Hunter has written a mini campaign in issue 100 of Wargames Soldiers & Strategy magazine  on the fighting that took place around Dombas between the 15th and 19th April using the Too Fat Lardies Chain of Command WW2 rule and campaign system. It can also be adapted for Bolt Action.   

Steve Lampon and myself have been discussing if this would be worth doing as a small supplement to my first book Setting The Scene, Winter Wargaming  volume 1. If I decide to go ahead with this, there will be plenty of new content and it will be geared to cover everything you would need in a step by step guide in figure and terrain preparation for the seven game, three scenario campaign. 

If we get enough interest then we will set the wheels in motion, so if you think you may be interested, leave Steve your name and mention Dombas 1940 on the following link.

Stone barn and house scratch built by me, stone bridge by Debris of War and the two large MDF timber buildings by Charlie Foxtrot.

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