Sunday 24 April 2016

SETTING THE SCENE (part 4) The Defence Line, plus more terrain.

The latest batch of terrain I have been making for 'Setting The Scene' is some log defences, dug outs, Telegraph poles, wire fencing, gates and winterising the basing on some figures.

The defences.

Telegraph Poles. Two different types of these, I also made extra to add to my summer terrain.

Gates. Again extra made for summer terrain.

Barbed wire fencing, (16 x feet).

I did a few test pieces for basing my figures. I also bought some small white dice whilst at Salute, I think they will be a little less intrusive with a winter table.

Happy with the basing, I then based and winterised these lovely figures that Nick aka moitereisbuntewelt.BlogSpot had painted for me.

I also dirtied up the snow on my roads and around the dug outs, as I imagine there would have been a lot of foot traffic turning that white snow into a muddy slush.

A few pictures of the defence line being occupied.

What is that spotted in the distance.

Hope you enjoyed?

Part 5 of 'Setting The Scene' is going to be lots of buildings, as long as I don't get side tracked with the new Sharp Practice v 2.

Sunday 17 April 2016


 Goodies from Salute. I managed to resist buying any figures this year but I did get six wagons/carts ready for the soon to be released 'Sharp Practice V2'.

This year was more of a social day for me, having lunch twice with two different groups of friends, also chatting with friends from the Loughton Strike Force who had put on a Participation Game and a couple of Bloggers, Mike Whitaker 'Trouble at T'mill' blog and Michael 'Dalauppror' blog, who was running his wonderful Battle at Foteviken 1134 game.

Unfortunately I missed out on the Blogger 1pm meeting due to already being at lunch with friends.

Some pictures of the day.

Warlords  latest.

Perry Miniatures.
Dalauppror, Michael and Jonas's excellent looking Battle at Foteviken game.

 Gary and Martin from 'Loughton Strike Force' with their wonderful 'Russo-Finnish War 1940' game.

  On a separate note, I would like to thank Carlo from 'With Pyjamas Through The Desert' blog fame, for his kindness in sending me a free copy of his excellent rule book 'The Sands of Sudan' after asking his advice about how to go about publishing your own book. Carlo wouldn't even let me pay for the postage from Australia to UK, just goes to show what a great bunch of guys and girls our blogging community is. I thank you Carlo.