Friday 29 June 2012

Zulu War Cavalry

These pictures show my collection of horse for the Zulu War so far, just the lancers to paint. Empress Miniatures once again.


Tuesday 26 June 2012

Buffalo Border Guard & Newcastle Mounted Rifles

The following pictures show 'Empress Miniatures' mounted and dismounted Buffalo Border Guard and Newcastle Mounted Rifles that were used by the British during the Zulu War.
Apart from the British Lancers this is the last of the horse that I need for my Zulu War collection, so my next post I will show the cavalry arm in all its glory.

I recently sold some figures on ebay (see last post) and to my pleasant surprise the name and address of the buyer for the Earl of Moray figure was non other than the family of this famous Earl and the address 'Darnaway Castle'. Do a search on the web for this castle and it gives you the history of the Earl of Moray. So I guess you could say that this little figure is going home.

Thursday 7 June 2012

Imperial Mounted Infantry

These are Empress Miniatures Imperial Mounted Infantry for the Zulu War. They do the mounted and dismounted version of these but no horse holders as of yet. A nice touch with these figures is that they come with separate heads so that you can vary the poses slightly.
The Zulu huts are also from Empress.

Next week I plan on putting some pictures on the blog of a couple of figures I am going to sell on ebay for anyone that might be interested. The Empress Zulu War ensign pack and the Flags of War pack have two sets of each. I painted both sets up at the same time but as I only need one, so I will be selling the other set. Same with Flags of War Medieval set (John Dunbar Earl of Moray), I had two flags, so again I painted two Banner Bearers for this and will be selling one.   Watch this space.

Friday 1 June 2012

Zulu War British High Command.

The following figures are from Empress Miniatures Zulu War British High Command.

The first picture is of Lieutenant-General Sir Frederic Augustus Thesiger, 2nd Baron Chelmsford.

Commander of Number 4 Column (Left Flank) Colonel H.E.Wood, VC.
In the back left of this picture is Major Crealock, Lord Chelmsford's Military Secretary and in the rear right of the picture is Lieutenant-Colonel Pulleine of the 1/24th left in charge of the camp at Isandlwana.
Mounted and dismounted version of Brevet Colonel A.W. Durnford, RE.

Mounted and dismounted versions of a couple of Colonial Officers.

And one more of the main man.