Saturday 17 September 2016


I have for sale the following:
Figures - WW2 US Para's
Terrain - Hills
               Trees & Hedges
               Ruins and barricades
Books - Zulu War Bundle
              Napoleonic Bundle
              Modern/WW2 Bundle.

I will start off with a platoon of US Para's plus supports including additional squad, mortar team, sniper, Howitzer and crew plus more. SOLD

 These 28mm figures are from Artizan Miniatures. There is 56 x figures plus a Howitzer Gun. I have priced these at £5.25 each which works out at £300.

Next up I have some Normans.

These figures are from Gripping Beast, Perry Miniatures and the two unpainted figures I bought from a Russian chap on the Steve Dean Forum a couple of years ago who sculpted his own figures including Cowboys, Medieval and Norman figures. They are lovely figures and a good match for the rest, I just didn't get around to painting them.

 There are 49 x painted and 2 x unpainted figures, plus 2 x hand painted flags and 2 x movement trays.  All the shields are hand painted and not transfers. I have priced these up at less than £7 a figure which works out at £345.

Vikings.  SOLD

 There are 4 x painted and 26 x unpainted figures plus a Raven Banner. These are from Wargames Foundry and Gripping Beast. They are lovely figures with lots of character and I am selling them at £6.50 for a painted figure and .50p each for the unpainted figures which comes in at £40.

Ruins and barricades.

 I think these buildings were made by Snap Dragon which would mean they are now out of production. The 28mm figure in the picture is not included but just to give you an idea of scale.

There are 28 x pieces of painted terrain which I am selling for £180.

Two Ruins.

 Again, the figure is not included in the sale but just for scale. £55.

Hills SOLD

There are 12 x hills in total, which I am selling in three different batches. They are all made from polystyrene with a hardboard base and covered in tile grout and PVA glue and sand, then painted and flocked.

I have built stone walls on some of the hills so that they follow the contours and I have made all the slopes so that you can actually stand your figures on them without them falling over. The 28mm figures are just for scale purposes.

4 x Hill Set. This includes a corner piece, a straight edge piece and two gentle hills. £90. SOLD

3 x Hill Set. This includes a sunken road, a road over a small hill with walls and a walled enclosure on top of a hill.  £90. SOLD

5 x Hill Set. This is a BIG ONE and comes in 5 x parts which can be used as one big hill with a ridge line and the base measures 60 x  28 inches (152cm x 71cm) and the ridge line measures 38 x 9 inches (97cm x 23cm).

You can also use them in different combinations as 5 x individual hills or in pairs on corners or up against the table edge. £220. SOLD

10 x Tree Bases (48 x trees and shrubs on textured bases) 28mm figure for scale. £150 SOLD

BOCAGE. 14 X Pieces. These were made by LAST VALLEY and they are suitable for both 20mm and 28mm scale. See pictures of 20mm and 28mm tanks for scale. £170. SOLD

There are 3 x hedgerows with built in trenches. 20mm and 28mm figures for scale.

A tank hide suitable for both 20mm and 28mm vehicles.

2 x Lengths of winding road with hedgerows. Suitable for 20mm and 28mm.

   5 x hedgerow lengths.

An enclosed field.

2 x Corner pieces.

All together.

A Thatched cottage and grounds with wattle fencing and pigsty, with owner and pig included in price. The roof lifts off and the doors are on hinges so they will open and close. This is the Perry Miniatures cottage with conversion work on the roof. £50. SOLD

Books on ebay.   SOLD  SOLD

Obviously there are some big items up for sale that would probably be better if the buyer collected rather than posting due to cost and risk of damage, so I am happy to travel (within reason) and meet up halfway with the buyer (I live in Essex) or meet up at a show. (Warfare in Reading November, Salute next April or possibly one of the other shows if worth my while)

I will only charge for actual postage and am open to reasonable offers. If interested contact me at