Wednesday 18 September 2019

SETTING THE SCENE Volume 2, Update.

Setting The Scene Volume II - Creating a Wargames Layout for the Mediterranean is presently being edited and then it will be off to the printers. For full details click on the following link:

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(The clickable link is now sorted.)

On the gaming front, I am starting a new campaign which comes from the Too Fat Lardies excellent 'Lard Magazine 2018, and the pint size campaign is called THERE ARE MANY RIVERS TO CROSS.

The time and theatre of this generic campaign I have changed to The Mediterranean 1943, as the similarities with the defensive lines of the Allies using rivers and canals in 1940, would also work for the Italian campaign.

 The German strategy was to reinforce a series of natural defensive lines of mountains and rivers, so basing the campaign around the latter, I hope to have a ready-made campaign. The only difference being the Allies on the attack instead of the Germans Blitzkrieg, and a change of support lists including a swap of Stukas for Allied Fighter Bombers.

I have started adding the additional supports that I may need for the campaign, some of these you can see in the pictures below. The engineer teams are converted from the Perry plastic box sets and the medic is a plastic Warlord figure converted. The Pz IV is also from Warlord Games with a magnetized tank commander and optional main gun. The Halftracks and crew are from Rubicon and most of their kits allow various build options.

On map four of the campaign, the scenario is for the defender to use his engineers to try and blow up a couple of culverts. I have attempted to make a couple of these along with some marshy ground and the overladen Citreon has been commandeered by the engineers for transport.