Thursday, 26 September 2013


I was asked by the chaps at Warlord if I would like to supply them with some images of my (now Simon Walker's) Zulu War collection for their new Black Powder supplement which they will be releasing in the near future. I have attached just a few of the many pictures that I sent them.

Warlord very kindly sent me their excellent Black Powder books and figures and I am looking forward to getting a copy of the Zulu War supplement as well on its release.

Simon Walker has asked me to expand on the collection for him so there will be more posts on the Zulu War on this blog in the future.

Apologies for the lack of feed back on your posts of late. I have been viewing but due to time shortages I have to prioritise where I spend what little I do have.  I need to spend more time painting and less blogging or things will grind to a halt. There will probably be less regular posts in the future but hopefully when it does come it will be worth the wait.


Saturday, 7 September 2013


Last Friday John Warren and myself got to grips with a couple of games of the excellent Chain of Command. Due to my limited collection at the moment of WW2, we only had two platoons with very little support. The rules are great fun and really make you have to think tactically.

The following pictures are of the figures we used and the terrain we played over but they are not pictures of, or trying to recreate the games that we played, these are just some fun pictures of my table with the platoons approaching the hamlet prior to getting to grips with each other.

The German left flank.

The German centre on the main road to the hamlet.

German right flank.

The US Para's approach from the opposite end.

Closing the gap and about to get to grips with each other.



The ideas with the posters on the buildings, the lampposts, signs and gates I copied from Richard Clark of 'Too Fat Lardies' fame who has some great ideas for making terrain look great.

I was asked how I make my roads.

All I use is 2mm hardboard cut to the required size, then PVA glue and sand along the long edges of the road with the pattern side up. When dry, paint dark brown, then dry brush dark grey, then a light dry brush with a midstone along the edges and centre of the road.  

Monday, 2 September 2013


These are Artizan Miniatures figures which I recently painted up for my ad hoc platoon for the Chain of Command game I did last Friday.

A few more figures painted up at the last minute to fill out the platoon. The officer is from Warlord Miniatures and the other two are from Artizan.

The next couple of pictures are of the platoons and table I used last Friday.

 My next post I will show some close up action shots of the fighting over the terrain.