Friday 11 September 2015

WW2 British Paratrooper Platoon plus supports.

I have just finished painting a full platoon of British Paratroopers plus their supports for the 'Too Fat Lardies' 'Pint Sized' campaign, 'Kampfgruppe von Luck' which is to be used with 'At the Sharp End' from the 'Chain of Command'  platoon level rule book. If you haven't tried these rules and campaign aids, I highly recommend them, it will bring your gaming to another level.

I needed to paint over 60 figures to cover all eventualities from the support list. They are mostly Wargames Foundry, with a few Warlord Games and Artizan figures mixed in. The glider is a 20mm plastic kit, which although is a smaller scale than the figures, I think works well enough as I didn't want it to leave a huge footprint on the table and just to give a suitable backdrop to help paint the scene. I bought the glider off ebay ready painted for the same price as an unpainted kit. Bargain. 

The Platoon.

The Supports.

All together.

As always, I like to try and put the freshly painted figures into a few action scenes.
The table.

A suitable objective for the Para's, which happens to be reasonably quite at the moment.

A little while later.........



Platoon HQ established at the Chateau.

I also need a captured German car for the Para support list. So I will be making this soon, along with a platoon of Commandos and their boats.

A couple of pictures from the Big CoC game that I covered in my last post on this blog.
Dave Green made a few amendments for the rules which worked well. We felt we needed to do this as we were playing with two platoons each, one infantry and one armoured.
In order to make this quicker but playable - the overall commander (infantry commander) had the usual 5 command dice (white) plus 3 coloured dice.
White all count as normal - however if 2 sixes are rolled it allows the player to choose which command has an extra phase - 3 sixes are rolled both command get an extra phase as well as it being end of turn.

The 3 coloured dice (armoured platoon) are
1 = team(vehicle without junior leader)
2/3 = Junior Leader
4 = Senior Leader
5 = CoC dice (joint pool or can be re-rolled)
6 = can be re-rolled.

This means the armour still gets an average number of order command but there will be less repeat phases because they can only come from the main command dice.
With this 'structure' morale and CoC dice would be combined so morale would start at say 20 - as you got down to 4 then initial impact would be one off each command.

For the game I had an SS Panzergrenadier platoon plus a small platoon of 2 x Panzer IV's. The tanks were hidden at the start of the game and the positions marked on a map/sketch.

Dave's Russians had 4 T34's to assist his infantry plus a couple of Universal Carriers full of guys with SMG's.

The amendments worked well and it was a very close game. We decided it was a German victory (even though the Germans had lost both their tanks) due to the fact the Russians had lost most of their infantry and both universal carriers and their tanks didn't fancy entering a built up area unsupported, against enemy infantry armed with panzerfausts and panzerschrecks.