Sunday 17 July 2016

SETTING THE SCENE part 7. US Armoured Vehicles

Latest batch for 'Setting The Scene' is the American vehicles which I have just finished assembling and painting. This now gives me 15 x vehicles including the knocked out halftrack that I did in a previous post, along with the halftrack that Nick from painted for me.

I have tried to get a reasonable colour match with the vehicle that Nick painted but I don't have an air brush and compressor plus I don't have the skill or time to put the effort in when painting a large batch of vehicles. Nick's Rubicon halftrack is on the right and my Warlord Halftrack is on the left.
I have also copied a few ideas from 'John Bond's Wargaming Stuff ' which is an excellent blog
I have drilled holes for small magnets to go into both vehicles and crew so that they can be changed over. I want to be able to use my jeeps for British and Russian as well as American forces, so just need to buy some additional crew. Also I have several crew for one of my tanks, so I can change them over and have them bailing out of a smoking vehicle.

I have placed magnets in blue tack which is useful for holding the figure in place when painting.

These tank crew are from Artizan Designs and painting these up I realised they are the only figures I have painted this year apart from 12 x dismounted ACW cavalry that I painted in an earlier post. So half way through July and it has been all terrain making apart from these vehicles. My next couple of posts will be German vehicles and then getting on with the infantry (at long last) for both sides.

Some action shots.

I am now off to order the 'TOO FAT LARDIES' SUMMER SPECIAL 2016 which has 'The Ardennes' with Chain of Command' which tick my box on both accounts.