Saturday, 19 July 2014

WW2 German Motorcycles with Side-cars(part 5). Plus New Games Room

Not the usual style pictures today as I have had to take these pictures at my work bench and not at the games table. When the new table is made, I will set the scene for these and take a few action shots. 

As you can see, here we have some 28mm WW2 German motorcycles with side-cars from Wargames Foundry and Warlord's Bolt Action range. In the picture below, the two bikes in the front are from Foundry and the two at the back are Warlord's. Both sets are a good match in scale and are a joy to paint.

I have based them on 50mm round bases from and glued some embossed plasticard down on top for a cobbled road effect.

For a reconnaissance squad (Aufklarungs Squad), I will only actually be needing three motorcycles with side-cars, one LMG with two crew on one machine and three riflemen each on the other two but I am sure the fourth bike will get used at some point.

As I write this on a Saturday morning, the builder is in the garage building a new wall for my games room. Originally the garage was divided into two thirds game room, a wall and then one third for bike storage etc.

 I have decided to knock the wall down and use the full length of the garage, this will give me a 10ft x 5ft table with access all the way around it, instead of a 7ft x 5ft table with one end fixed to the wall and only access to three sides.

The original table with access to only three sides.

 I originally built the table quite high for an extra level of storage but I have now been able to drop the height as I will be building extra storage along the new wall.

Old table and storage.

I will do a work in progress over the next couple of weeks as I put an extension on the new table and resurface it to match the existing table. I also have 40ft of some excellent new back drop which I will be fitting all the way around the walls. I will be fitting these with no corners but using curved back boards, and they are actual photo prints of overcast sky and 15 inch deep rather than the 9 inch coloured paper that I had before.
I will be fitting extra daylight tubes in the room and also plan on upgrading the actual look of the playing surface, so hopefully you will notice a big improvement in future posts.


  1. Lovely work. The combinations are a sort of a quite icon piece for the German Army of WW2. Really like the facial expression on the lead rider! New games room-you lucky @%**)@%. Sounds like it is going to be great playing area.

  2. I am so green with envy. The Germans look great but that gaming room, such a nice thing to have


  3. The Germans look absolutely lovely Pat! Looking forward to seeing how the room looks with the changes!

  4. Wow! Your motorcyclists are absolutely stunning as always... maybe I should do some early war stuff...

  5. Great looking Germans Pat! I already love your backdrops and now they are going to get better, I think I will be sick with envy!:-) I have a hobby room, but I don't know how I would build a permanent backdrop, but I like the idea. I need to do more thinking on the state of my hobby room and for sure I need more lighting as that's still letting me down. I will avidly follow your progress.


  6. Brilliant German motorcycles Pat. The new gaming room and table looks amazing too!

  7. Great looking troops and that's gonna be a great sized table, perfect for 28mm.

  8. Great looking cycle troops - always like the looks of them - particularly growing up watching Hogan's Heroes and the opening scenes ;)! Your garage/gaming area reconstruct looks very promising too! Best, Dean

  9. Grand job on m/c and looking forward to seeing the games room develop.

  10. Thanks chaps, off to the garage now to start work on the table.

  11. Those sidecar combinations look great! I am planning to do some (actually nearly a dozen) in the coming months. I felt they would look too monotone from just one manufacturer, but seeing how well Foundry and Warlord mix here, I think you have provided me with a fine solution!

    Good luck on the hobby room extension. There is nothing better than space and even more space!

  12. Just stunning on the motorcycle combinations and a very envious reader with regards to the garage.

  13. Obviously, great painting ~ but what I wanted to comment on, is how much easier your gaming will be when you're able to actually get around both ends of the table and not have to constantly go up and round the only-end-access, as you previously had.

    I know from experience it's a pain, as I had a 8'x4' table, anchored at one end to an external wall, and making the long walks around got to be a frustration. Now the old games room full of freezers :(

    Looking forward to seeing it completed.

  14. Great painting work. Those models are wonderful!
    Looking forward to see finished your new gaming place.

  15. Excellent bikes and a very promising begin with your garage. I'm looking forward to seeing progress.



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